Whether you like to tape motivational words of encouragement to your top tube or want to let the world know what where you’ve been, Didit has a custom decal for you. Started last year, Didit was originally a way of chronicling your personal achievements in sticker form. They already have decals for dozens of famous cycling routes throughout the world (and you can also design your own) but they’ve recently branched out. In addition to routes, you can now order high quality decals with motivational quotes.

Each Didit decal runs 5 Euro. Get yours here. More quotes after the break.


DidIT Decal




  1. These were given away to finishers of this year’s Etape du Tour by the organisers. A nice idea, I think and better than the crappy medals you usually get at Sportives / marathons etc.

    That said, I have yet to find a place on my frame where it fits / looks good, so mine’s gathering dust in a drawer (Along with those crappy medals…)

  2. “Fall seven times, stand up eight” doesn’t make sense. In order to fall, wouldn’t you have to be standing? You fall once and get up. That’s one. Repeat as many times as you want; the number of falls and stands will always be equal.

  3. It’s pretty d*** easy to make your own motivational decals. Chose said quote, type up and print from your computer, 3M packing tape and have at it. You can also creatively cut up other stickers in a punk melange effort. This may end up being more inspiring since you did it yourself and certainly less expensive.

  4. These would be the perfect upgrade for those of us with older bikes that came without legal disclaimers on the top tube.

    Now if someone would just bring a carbon fiber pie plate to market ….

  5. I wonder, can I get sarcastic comments?

    “If at first you don’t succeed, maybe loosing is your style.”
    “your mother disapproves of your hobby”
    “Jen’s Voigt rides faster than this with 1 leg.”
    “The hill is not steep, you’re just out of shape.”

  6. Hey @EvanT, if you print that last one, I need a few copies! Alternatively, I’d take a

    “There’s a beer waiting for you at the top”

  7. @jalapeno, fall 7 up 8 is a japanese proverb. it basically means get back up if you get your ass kicked. i learned about the saying from the japanese after visiting the fukushima nuclear power plant after the accident.

    5 euros for a decal seems a bit excessive. i’d just take a picture. it would last longer.

  8. Why would anyone want to take up cycling and join the cycling community when they see the attitudes, hate, and ignorance displayed by so many in Bike Rumor comments?

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