Dahon Mu Rohloff belt drive folding bicycle

Dahon’s done an internally geared folding bike before, but this is their first that uses one with a Gates Belt Drive.

The premium model uses a top end Rohloff 14-speed hub with the Gates Center Track system. It also includes their VP-made quick release pedals that pop into the included saddle bag. Throw Magura MT6 hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors front and rear and you’ve got the makings for one heck of a mini commuter. And a price tag that’ll unfold your wallet just as quick as their frames…

Dahon Mu Rohloff belt drive folding bicycle

Complete spec is:

  • Weight — 12.1 kg (26.8 lbs)
  • Frame — Dalloy Sanus Aluminum tubeset with forged Lattice Hinged and V-Clamp technology
  • Fork — Lightweight Dalloy aluminum with integrated crown
  • Handlepost — Forged Alloy Radius Telescope with Fusion Technology, adjustable
  • Drivetrain — Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14, 14 gear Internal Hub Gear with Rohloff indexed Twist Shifter
  • Wheels — Large 451mm (22″) Aluminum Double Wall rims, Dahon sealed bearing disc brake hubs
  • Brakes — Magura MT6 Hydraulic Disc 160/160
  • Saddle — Dahon Ergo Comfort SL
  • Crank — Forged Alloy Crank Arms
  • Color — Agate

Dahon Mu Rohloff belt drive folding bicycle

Dahon says it’s one of the quietest, smoothest running bikes around, folder or not. Retail is $5,500.


If weight’s more important than all out luxury, the new Mu EX is built up with a carbon handlebar, fork and seatpost with a SRAM Red rear derailleur.


For $1,980, even the brake lever blades are carbon. It rolls on 20″ wheels wrapped in Schwalbe rubber. I didn’t get the actual weight, but it’s felt pretty light.

Dahon Speed Uno simple maintenance free singlespeed folding bicycle

At the other end of the spectrum from the Mu Rohloff is the he Speed Uno. It’s a super simple, single speed folder with a coaster brake and 20″ wheels. Retail is around $420.


  1. Now we’re talking. Nice responce to Tern which until now has been essentially a higher end Dahon. The Dahon frames are inherently belt compatible, nice to make use of it. They should offer Alfine 11 and 8 speeds to get the price down. Second, 406 is a much better rim size for the commuter than 451, since there are no flat proof tires available in 451 size. No comfortably fat ones either. Third, mudguards and a rack are needed too.

  2. Still, 12 kg? Not want. If oribike can do 9 (and I have been told it’s for 3000 euros), that’s where the bar lies. My cyclocross bike is 7.9 kg all carbon and cost half of what the Mu costs.

  3. yogi—–12 kg for a Rohloff equipped bike ?? The light blue one is considerable lighter by the way, but I will wait until it goes on my scale before I believe any manufacturers weight claims 🙂 Somebody who wants Gates and Rohloff doesnt ask for the price 🙂

    Gunnstein I agree for a commuter I like fenders and I think it is possible to put some on despite the 451 wheels but also same like the weight I need to try it myself first. As for the belt drive on the Dahon Mu Plattform, I built a couple with alfine 11 speeds, but at the time the sprockets/belt lengths were limited and I couldnt get the gearing I wanted. Meaning the first 3 gears on the alfine were almost useless as the gearing was too low. Need to check into that again, maybe there is new stuff available from Gates which will fit the frame.

  4. Is that handlebar really strapped to the extension? it must be secure or they wouldn’t do it, but is it really that hard to make a clamping head?

  5. The bar clamp is definitely different. I’d be a little nervous clamping a carbon bar outside of the area typically engineered to handle those forces. Cool bike though!

  6. I also don’t get why this is the only belt drive bike that Dahon offers. I think it was meant to just show off what you could do with their bikes, rather than something they actually expect to sell more than half a dozen of. They could have easily adapted the Gates drive to the Mu N360 or the Mu XL Sport and had a big seller, but they went for this instead. Supply issues, maybe?

    If you’re looking for an ultralight folder, check out Bike Friday’s Pocket Pro. 7.2 kg. Costs about $1 per gram.

  7. $5500 for a belt drive folder is crazy. A Bike Friday Silk with 20″ wheels and a NuVinci or Alfine hub with a Gates Carbon belt is only around $2k depending on options and BF’s folding design is way quicker and neater. Even a maxed out titanium Brompton is cheaper.
    The Rohloff seems like a questionable choice as well since an Alfine 11 is 1/3 the cost and a 1/2 pound lighter.

  8. @Slow Joe Crow, agree that Alfine 11 is probably a better choice – the only substantial advantage Rohloff has over Alfine 11 is a wider range, which is not necessary for a bike obviously not designed to go off-road or carry heavy touring load. Although as an Alfine owner I do wish I had the choice of QR.

  9. I’ve got a Dahon iOS xl and I’ve already fitted quick release pedals onto the bike as well as Monkeylectric lights on both the front and back wheels as well as other assorted bling. What I want is another light brown touring bike like the Dahon Tournado which rocks or a racer. I’ve managed to locate a medium Dahon Tournado in Germany but what I want to know is whether Dahon have any plans to build other types of bikes which embrace the gorgeous retro aesthetic?

  10. lots of numbers floating around, especially about the gates drive Fridays and titanium Brommies…. I have seen vastly different prices for those mentioned bikes …. But I digress. That clamp is made by Synchros and allows a limited adjustability on a plattform which is much more rigid with much less flex, which is important on a folder with long extensions ( Seatpost and Handlepost ) The used handlebar is indeed custom made with a wider and beefier inner section.
    I think this bike is mainly designed for the Euro Crowd who wants the drivetrain and is willing to pay for it .

  11. If it’s built like other high-end Dahons, it should be good for at least three days/week–with the other four days on the rack awaiting either repair or the arrival of one-off replacement parts.

    Best bike decision I ever made: scrapping Dahon SpeedPro and purchasing BF PRP. Folding bike that fits, rides like a bike, and built with off-the-peg running gear for about the same price. Seriously, **** Dahon, their gimmicky products, and their indifferent customer service.

    /dissatisfied customer rant.

  12. Another Mu Uno rider here, tho’ at one time replaced rear hub with Sturmey Archer SRC3 (not a great hub). I’m curious if there’s any way to get hold of this Mu’s fork, with it’s disc brake tabs. I’d love to put a disc brake on my Uno which has been converted to a Dos via a SRAM Automatix.

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