Infinity SeatThe Infinity Seat may look heart shaped but consider it a peace dove extended towards your derriere. Designed by a triathlete enthusiast and chiropractor, this uni-sex saddle is designed to ” minimize contact pressure and redistribute body weight for increased performance and comfort.”

This is accomplished by creating a large enough carved out section for the pubic bones to rest in and thereby transfer the majority of of the rider’s weight to the buttocks. 

Aside from improved comfort, creater Dr. Vincent Marcel also claims that this design offers better ventilation and will increase overall performance. But wait, wait, there’s more. Even with steel rails, the Infinity Seat weighs a scant 205 grams.

Saddles on Kickstarter start at $100. Get yours here.


  1. I have to admit I was quite skeptical about this seat when I first saw the image. But after watching the video it actually makes a lot of sense. I might just buy one.

  2. After watching the video, it looks like a lot of the rider’s weight is supported by their butt crack instead of sit bones. Does the manufacturer have a preference between KY or AstroGlide when using this saddle?

  3. So my sit bones go in the drop out section and I then can get a little anal stimulation from a saddle…

    Nice sales pitch… I’m a Chiropractor let me me bend you over and sell this to you!

    Seriously one of the worst Kickstaters I’ve seen… now get lucky!

  4. I would have to be able to try one before purchase; I can’t afford a $100 miss. That said, I am very interested in how this saddle would do on the trails. I can take some pretty heavy, unexpected hits throwing me hard into my saddle. I would hate to break the support rim, shoving that center point where nothing has any business going.

  5. Resting on your glutes instead of using your sit-bones is going to provide an uncertain interface between you and the saddle, leading to lower back issues. That dude just needs to learn to use a real saddle properly. Sliding forward? Don’t do that. Angle the nose up a little more, and maybe spend a little less time on the aero bars.

  6. Wow… Not sure i’m sold on this. With all the blood flow studies and reducing pressure on the central sections, now you’re asking people to put even more pressure in that area? Tell me how long it takes for your nuts to fall off.

  7. Sadly, saddle gimmicks will always sell (this one got 4x funding on kickstarter already).

    It’s geared at the uneducated and inexperienced. There’s a reason they use the term “seat” over and over in the video.

    Ride your bike more and like Ron said, learn to position the saddle better and these gimmicks will end up in a pile of busted “seats” instead of the well worn Selle Italia’s in the video 🙂

  8. Any physician that uses the terms “butt bones,” “seat” and “butt muscles” will not be selling me a SADDLE. I’m all for bios-culpting materials to create performance products in cycling, but this greatly misses the mark…….and will still sell to a bunch of triathletes looking for any performance edge they can get……

  9. I’m more worried about the cutting off of blood flow to my legs. Based on the video the seat will be supported on the butt mussels and for me that spells numb feet.

  10. As someone that performs bike fits daily, I can say this saddle is going to create a host of potential problems. This could be anything from compression of the femoral artery/vein, obturator artery and sciatic nerve. Also it could greatly decrease pelvic stability that could result in back pain and contribute to poor cycling posture. Not to mention that saddle width should be decided by ones pelvic structure. He may get away with this saddle doing sprint triathlons but let’s see long term reports from 4-5 hour rides.

  11. OK. Just to recap:

    1) Chiropractors are “D.C.’s” (not M.D.’s); they don’t go to medical school; they go to chiropractic school. They are not physicians, though they often refer to themselves as “chiropractic physicians.”
    2) Triathlete enthusiast? Seriously? Res Ipsa Loquitor (it speaks for itself.) LOLZ. If you were a serious masters trail runner, would you buy “running shoes designed by a triathlete enthusiast”? Exactly.
    3) @Fit Pro: It’s the pudendal nerves and arteries that are (potentially) compromised w/ cycling, not the femoral or obturator. You cannot compress your femoral or obturator vessels on a bike saddle. Anatomically impossible.
    4) @Matthew: Awesome comment!
    5) Ditto to everything people said ‘potential violation-wise.’ Yikes!
    6) And finally: ahahahahahahahahaha! : )

  12. All of those guys have a terrible fit on the bike…do you really want to trust someone who doesn’t even know how to properly be positioned on the bike?

  13. Hallo, I’m looking for a saddle seat Infinity for mountainbike. Can you tell me where I can order one? Thank you very much for your response and good day rapise.

    René Crettex

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