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During the final race at Harbin Park for the Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival, Ryan Trebon was spotted with an interesting set up on his Cannondale SuperX. Something with one ring. And no chain catcher or guard. Upon further inspection from the sidelines, it clearly is a prototype XX1 group designed specifically for cyclocross. Since the introduction of SRAM’s clutch equipped XX1 drivetrain, it seems a lot of riders have been keen to get a similar set up on their cross bikes, and it looks like a purpose built group may be on the way.

Jump past the break for a close up.

SRAM XX1 CX Group crop

Running off of standard Red Hydro disc brake levers, the XX1 derailleur was fitted with a short cage and what looks to be a standard road cassette with a 42 or 44 tooth chainring. The unmarked crank arms were mated to the narrow-wide ring with a standard looking 5 bolt spider. The derailleur appears to be fairly standard with the Cage Lock function and X-Horizon design, but this one does feature a barrel adjuster in addition to the standard housing entry point – something not found on the mountain bike versions.

We’re assuming mere mortals will need a wider range of gears than Trebon, so it’s possible there will be multiple cage lengths in production. Ryan was able to ride the XX1 equipped Cannondale to a 3rd place finish after winning the sprint to the line by inches.


  1. I’ve noticed a few people running 1x setups on around the NW with high-profile chainring teeth. When the conditions are really bad the high profile teeth will cause chain-suck with standard sram derailleurs. Maybe the XX1 cx group solves this with higher cage tension?

  2. As long as you run Type 2 clutch der you should be fine. I run a 1×10 on MTB with XO1 crank and it is perfect. No chain drops and no chain suck and no chain guide either. Just buy cage length to suit your cassette needs. Hey, it saves weight and less stuff to adjust and clean on the front so for cross it would be great.

  3. i am seeing lots of 26″ bikes with this grouset installed, next year … 11-32 version , long cage rear derailleur, single chainring in 34-36-38T depending on track.
    lots of weight saved.
    only to find a rear hub for 11 speed to fit a mtb wheel … only a question of time, i guess hubs are on the way too …

  4. A single chainring means no clearance necessary for an inner ring – this allows the right chainstay to push out farther for more tire clearance.

    I’ve been wanting a road lever setup for XX1 and an adventure/gravel bike build.

  5. SRAMs 1×11 has pretty much taken over XC and Enduro for good reason. With long hill climbs in CX, 1×11 also makes perfect sense.

  6. Definitely not a fan of Sram, Avid, etc… but that chainring looks super cool and really light! That’s neat. I do like the idea of the guide-less 1x using a narrow/fat tooth chainring, too. That is one of Sram’s few good ideas that Shimano has not yet done better (or at all).

  7. I’m with Sebastein, Would love to go 1×11 on my cross/gravel/endurance MTB, AKA MONSTERCROSS bike. Fingers crossed that the brifters are compatible somehow with the full 10-42 cassette.

  8. i might be wrong, but isn’t the rear wheel smaller? looks to me like 650b or even smaller (huge clearance on seatstay brake bridge, huge distance to seat-tube @ bb/st junction.

  9. That doesnt look like the typical XX1/XO1 42T pie plate cassette in the pic.

    Ive been running 1×10 with a X9 type 2 small cage, 11-32T cassette and a Wolf Tooth chainring on my CX bike and its been solid.

    My X9 type 2 is mated to Apex brifters and there was no noticable increase in shift effort to overcome the clutch going up the cassette, and the inital setup was easy.

    Im suprized its taking this long for SRAM to offer type 2 in their cyclocross line up. I was running the X9 type 2 in 2X10 for a while and that eliminated my chain drop issues on bumpy courses.

  10. @ant1 – Trebon is 6’5″, not 7′. Big difference. I think his frames are somewhere in the 63-65cm range. Google is your friend.

  11. SRAM fully equipped bike, Shimano pedals(not surprising),but Shimano shoes do surprise me a little bit…
    Not that I’m not a fan of Shimano shoes(they’re tough, long lasting),but I find interesting that a SRAM sponsored rider goes with their biggest rival to equip his feet.

  12. @Pasabaporaquí — the Cxworld/Cdale riders tend to have their own “endorsements” or preferences for contact point stuff like shoes. Powers had Lakes in team color, back in the day. TJ has Mavic (north shore bro deal for sure) along with his personal Red Bull deal, Trebon prob just uses what is comfortable / fits. SRAM doesn’t really make pedals or shoes so it’s not like they are not using sponsor gear, SPD is pretty universally appreciated.

  13. Just like TSR85 I’ve been running a Wolf 40 tooth ring with an 11-28 10-speed cassette. Force shifters and X9 Type 2 derailleur handle moving the chain round. I dropped the chain on one particularly nasty, bumpy downhill but otherwise it has been solid. I added an inline cable adjuster to which is actually nicer than having it out at the derailleur.

  14. I’m not a fan of Shimano because they doesn’t bring anything new. SRAM is only 25 yrs old and Shimano is pissing their pants because their position is being threadent for the first time. Go SRAM. all the old People on fishing gear will evntually die and You will be the master because You inovate!!

  15. NoJap
    Nice and classy.
    Shimano does not involve themselves in the race to recalls. They are calculated and not distracted by pushing half baked product onto the consumers to test and validate or be subject to recall

  16. Thats where your wrong, I work for a well known bike shop in the UK and i see alot of problems with SRAM stuff, Espacilly there weak low end gear shifters! Not to mention the price of the stuff is way more than SHIMANO.

    Big up to Brixton!

  17. Got some attention on that one.. (0;
    Every Company has issues. Including SRAM. I remember the first x5 shifters. Not really good. But I do also remember Shimano’s first XT/LX rapidfire pluses. They didn’t either make that much of an impression. The difference was that on that time Shimano didn’t had much if any competition so they didn’t give a s… AS far as I know SRAM is far better on that point.

    And yes SRAM bring super nice high end stuff that costs a bit more than average. Thats what I like about them.
    My point is that the Americans has the guts to bring something new to the market and innovate.
    @james dunford, old pall, where do You fish? (0;

    Best regards

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