Race Dots Number Magnets (2)

Tired of ruining your expensive kit with the holes of a thousand safety pins every time you race? So was Jason Berry, so he set out to do something to fix it.

The solution? Magnets. Powerful rare-earth magnets encased in polished, nickel plated copper housings. The two piece design clamps down over your number and your jersey keeping it in place and not damaging anything in the process. Sound like something your race bag could use? See how to get your hands on some after the break.

As the founder and inventor, Jason Berry has seen his fair share of pinned race numbers as a film maker and cyclist and runner himself. Holding fast at 60 mph on a motorcycle it seems like racedots will certainly do the trick.

Race Dots Number Magnets (1) Race Dots Number Magnets (3)

Really the only down side of racedots seems to be that you have to get to the back side of the jersey to hold the back of the magnet in place. This could be a small annoyance with a skinsuit, but if you’re tired of damaging your precious kit with safety pins it is probably worth it. You can slide the racedots once they’re attached so this should make them easier to install. Prototyping went through many stages, with the acrylic dome on the top of the racedot finalized to add just a bit of depth to the racedot, while improving the visibility of the logo underneath. There are also reflective logos available to provide additional safety.

Currently offered through an indiegogo campaign, racedots are available starting at $20 for a pack of 5 with an estimated delivery of February 2014.


  1. This is a great idea. I dislike putting pins in my jersey, and I’m sure we have all done it, you put the numbers facing in the wrong direction and cranky commissaire gets picky, this is much easier to reverse. What is the weight of these? Not for weight weenie reasons, but hopefully there is no “sagging” with a heavier magnet. Very interested!

  2. Yes!! Brilliant idea. I got a fancy schmancy race kit last season and the first time I went to pin a number on, I stared at it for a minute like, “oh..yeah….damn.” Eventually, you get over it but what excites me most is when I mis-pin a number and gotta do it all over again. Or when I’m lucky enough to have my girlfriend with my to pin my number on with my jersey already on and I get stabbed right in the side.

  3. @Nick L Allergy: Not only that, but rubbing nickel against the skin increases the chance of developing allergy, if you didn’t have it to begin with. Sweaty skin probably makes it worse.

  4. Why not simply use some 3mm rare earth dot magnets or super neodymium disc magnets?For the past 3-years, I have been using ‘Killer Red’ double sided tape during cross season, which except for high humidity days, eliminated the need for pins but tape sometimes left residue.

  5. Cool idea. Sadly, I admit the first thing I thought of when a saw the picture was “how much does that weigh?” Guess I’ve become a shameless weight-weenie racer boy….

  6. In for a set. Some of my favorite jerseys that I can’t replace are getting torn from this problem. And base layers should prevent any skin rubbing for those fearing nickel allergies.

  7. @Charlie Best. Buckyballs were marketed and sold as a toy, which is why they were banned because of the choking hazard. There are plenty of retailers selling small neodymium magnets that are roughly the same size as Racedots and have been for a long time.

  8. May not work so well for CX racing. One spill and every dot rips off, your number is left behind, and your Race Dots are never to be seen again….

  9. The only thing I don’t like is the product branding and the customization options. It adds sort of a hokey appeal to it. I wish it was just a simple logo brushed into the finish of the “dome”.

    @Brandon: I feel like they would do a decent job of holding during a spill? rare earth magnets are really strong and the locating sphere should help them stay in place. I could see them shifting the location of the number. If you fell hard enough with pins you would risk ripping your jersey, no? I dunno, as an ameture weekend warrior racer, I’d rather save my kit over loosing a number.

  10. @Ck.

    Actually, Buckyballs and other rare earth / neodymium magnets are considered dangerous is because if you end up with a pair in adjacent loops of your intestines they can actually tear through gut tissue and cause internal bleeding / peritonitus. Just yesterday there was an article in the news about a non-toy magnet product which may be banned from sale in Canada (google Health Canada Magnet Pen).

    I’m not saying this is fair or even reasonable (you can buy such magnets at most hardware stores in Canada), just that the manufacturer of this product may come up some barriers to distributing their product.

  11. Gotta say, this is a way better idea than the guy who offered to have you mail him your kit so he could stitch grommets into it before mailing it back. Also, you gotta love the “redemption” music dropping in on-point in the video, but did they ever think about having some infomercial-style, black-and-white B-roll of people having their lives ruined by safety pins?

  12. I just use 3M Super 77 spray on adhesive. No flapping in the wind either! Goo Gone gets any extra off that doesn’t come off when you remove your number.

  13. I do love the video clips showing shredded kits and fumbling riders just_not_able to wrestle their pins onto the jersey. DOH! I just ripped a huge hole in my jersey AGAIN….whatever can be done? Racing is so hard on my gear and pins are so darned complicated.

    These magnets will be endlessly handy for the average rider who occasionally races, and shows up in his Giordana kit that he hopes will last for years and years.

    The rest of us racers buy new jerseys every year as sponsors change and honestly could care less about the pin holes since the jersey only needs to last a season anyway.

    Oh wait — you know who will like these???? Dentists.

  14. I like that they’re nickel plated! I think I’ll implant a set subdermally and never risk losing my number again. Naked crit champion of the world, HERE I COME!
    Oooh, and I’ll also be able to stick notes to myself so I won’t forget to buy milk next time I’m at the store. Man, there are so many REAL WORLD uses for this it’s crazy.

  15. I yelled ‘Brilliant!’ and immediately proceeded to order some.

    I just hate pinning myself or other at a race and I will definitely advertise these to my buddies.

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