Cinelli Giro DND Glove

Full finger gloves have always been more of a mountain bike thing, but with the new C Wing gloves, Giro and Cinelli are turning that notion on its head. Whether you’re looking for something for the colder months, or just wanting more coverage for your hands, the Giro DND gloves X Cinelli fit the bill in distinct style.


Based off of the Giro Down and Dirty Glove, what started as more of a dirt jumping/aggressive trail glove has transitioned to the streets. The Super Fit design uses a three panel AX Suede palm for better fit and wrap around the bar. The back of the glove is constructed from breathable, 4 way stretch material with articulated knuckles for the thumb, index, and middle finger. The simple slip on design is adorned with the winged ‘C’ Cinelli logo designed by Italo Lupi in 1979 on the back, and embossed “C”s on the fingers and palm for improved grip.

Want a pair for yourself? The gloves are being offered through Cinelli’s Italian based Winged Store so you can snag a pair for €29,00 (~$39) plus international shipping, sizes S-XL.


  1. The best gloves I have ever had, and I am a whore with 16 perfectly good pairs is a Adistar full finger Climawarm glove with a clarino glove. It has a shiny leathery palm, and a fleece like lining. Mavic rolled out a glove after Adidas with “clima race” thinsulate interior but it was NOT the same glove!!

    The adistar climawarm ff glove was a true 3 season glove that fit like a racecar glove and allowed for pushing buttons on garmind and powertap computers.

    I have had fox, mavic, giro, S, royal racing, roeckl, swix, hirtzl, pearl etc…nothing even comes close!

    No I wear them race day only.

    I would pay $60 for the $30 dollar glove!

  2. I, for one, have never understood the half-finger-glove thing. I always wear full finger gloves when I commute on my road bike, usually “mtb” gloves. If I have to hit pavement I don’t want to rip out all my finger nails or shred my finger tips.

  3. Those things are hideous. Glad more lightweight full-fingers are coming out for the road, but I wouldn’t want to be seen rocking those things. I usually wear 661 Raji gloves on the road and they fit nicely and give adequate protection in a crash (yeah, I’ve tried it more than once) considering how lightweight they are. I used to wear half-finger gloves, but I really don’t know why. Maybe it was more tan lines to compare with friends?

  4. I 2nd the 661 Raji gloves, except they’re getting hard to find in anything but hideous designs (acid green, poison blue, no thanks). Dear product manufacturers: I and many other racers I’ve spoken to want these things and only these things in a summer road and early season ‘cross full finger glove: pull-on design with NO VELCRO, mesh / lightweight / breathable backs, grippy palms, offered in conservative colors (black, grey) to blend in with more kits, and minimal to no padding for good bar grip and tactile feel.

    Having been a bike messenger for a couple years and a crit and cyclocross racer for way too long, I have zero clue why half-fingered gloves were ever a thing.

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