Gold Fatbike house of solid gold

We’ve seen gold plated bikes before – Peacock Groove had their gold plated 29er at NAHBS, there are gold plated BMX bikes like this Hutch Trick Star, and a number of other custom builds out there if you look around. Earlier this year, Aurumania introduced their Gold bike Crytal Edition, a 24k gold plated Swarovski crystal adorned fixed gear that claimed the title of the “most expensive gold bike in the world.” At just under $110,000, the Aurumania fixed gear is certainly an example of opulence, but the House of Solid Gold fatbike takes things to the extreme.

It’s safe to say the 24k Gold Extreme Mountain bike now holds the title for the most expensive gold bike now. How much? Find out next.

Gold Fatbike house of solid gold 2 Gold Fatbike house of solid gold 3

Tagged with an outrageous price tag of $1,000,000, the 24k gold plated fatbike is making the rounds this week, first spotted on MTBR, and for good reason – love it or hate it, this thing would certainly turn some heads. Most gold plated bikes we’ve seen usually include the frame, fork, and some of the components and wheels depending on the build. On the Beverly Hills Edition 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike (that’s its actual name by the way), nearly everything is plated, right down to the brake rotors. Which begs the question; how durable is 24k gold plating? Especially when used for a disc brake?

Ah, who are we kidding. If you’re spending one million dollars on a gold plated bike you would have the coin to buy an ordinary Salsa Mukluk to actually ride. This one stays on display so you can say you own the world’s most expensive fatbike, which is what The House of Solid Gold is all about. After all, where else can you find $15k shoe laces, or a $375k soccer ball? If the entire bike cloaked in 24k gold isn’t enough bling for you, the THSG head badge is made from 600 Black Diamonds, and 500 golden saphires, while the bike is adorned with chocolate brown alligator leather.

Gold Fatbike house of solid gold 6 Gold Fatbike house of solid gold 4

As an added bonus, the bike includes a gold plated water bottle complete with chocolate brown stingray covering. Built with the help of Iditabike founder Dan Bull, and Sukeun Chun the owner of Veloworks Bicycles (Editor’s Note: THSG lists Veloworks as the contributing bike shop, though we assume they mean Veloworx), Santa Monica, each part was electroplated with 24k gold in the US. Claiming over 750 hours to complete, sale of the bicycle includes white glove delivery by the artist anywhere in the world.

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If you are fortunate enough to have $1,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket, the Beverly Hills Edition will be limited to just 13 pieces, which will be laser engraved with the artist’s signature, date, and include a certificate of authenticity. Each bike will be customized to suit the owner’s needs so you won’t be forced into owning a 21″ Mukluk if you’re 5’7″. Hugh Power, The House of Solid Gold’s CEO says that the majority of the proceeds (80% or more) from the gold bike will go to The Way to Happiness Foundation International – which is a non profit associated with the Church of Scientology.

Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or Bank Wire Transfer only.



  1. PBJoe on

    $1,000,000 and the leather is still Alligator? Please. At this price point I expect nothing less than whale scrotum, it’s what all the oligarchs are using these days.

  2. MarkV on

    Gold! Diamonds! Fat Bike!?!? Church of F’n Scientology? Good God, so bad in every way I nearly threw up in my mouth! Limited Edition Replica hitting Walmart soon I bet…

  3. Bill on

    If one looks closely at the pedals in the picture with the water bottle, you will notice the pedal body is installed backwards. Attention to detail…..

  4. Champs on

    “When you join Co$ at the basic membership level, you’ll get a free tote bag to show your support for Scientology… at our million dollar OT VIII level, you get this horrible, tacky bike.”

  5. pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking on

    Will Smith and I LOVE HER!!! Tom and those types have the money to blow on that monstosity. Its more of an urban HipHop thing l guess. Jay-Z would look Big Pimpin riding down to the Illuminati meetings ploting the enslavement and demise of mankind. Thats hot.

  6. Bernard on

    I was just explaining to my wife that good bikes simply cannot be had for less than 7 figures, and now I can show her this article as proof. But first I’d like to extend my white gloved flipping off of the artist anywhere in the world. Failing to line up the sidewall lettering and valve stem is bush league.

  7. Chris on

    Um wtf……
    Gold diamonds and churches….. I’ll pass

    And to think that the worlds most expensive bike uses something as archaic as mechanical disc brakes.

  8. Seraph on

    Sam, the body is actually installed backwards; not the spindle, just the body. You can tell because the lip is facing the wrong way. It’s entirely possible that whoever gold-plated the components reinstalled the pedal bodies on the wrong spindles.

    But yeah I was totally into it before I saw that the proceeds go to help Scientology.

  9. PBJoe on

    @Sam and Bill,

    Actually the pedal BODY is installed backwards, they put the right side body on the left side spindle after plating them. You can tell by the angle of the parallelogram of the pedal. The skew should go away from the seat, not towards it.

  10. Ripnshread on

    You would think that for a million bucks you would get better than a Shimano Pro cockpit and Alivio cranks… Why did they gold plate crap?

  11. Jack on

    First use of brakes wipes off the gold. I would like a roadie like this that uses Mavic Zapp and SRAM Hydro brakes on Scott Drop Inn bars. Maybe a Kirk Precision frame oh.. oh.. no.. no a SLINGSHOT frame….. can you see where I am going

  12. andy on

    I hope the other twelve get hydraulic disc brakes and the pedals on the right way .its a shame what a million bucks gets you nowadays , apparently its art , I call it a waste of time and precious medal but hey if I was a bored billionaire what the hell right ?

  13. rider on

    First of all, the bike looks godawfully bad.

    Secondly, Church of Scientology…..?, are you fkin serious. Get in your trucks and drive fast and far away from those freakin nutjobs.

    Meanwhile, back to mtb…..

  14. Bababooey on

    Non profit and scientology. Really? The swirling toilet water that is……. that crap. Not to mention that awful paint job. Where’s the overflowing chest hair and button down guido jersey. fuhgeddaboutit

  15. Crow on

    Ya’ll better be careful what you say! The Scientology church is notorious for suing for anything and their attorneys put Specialized’s to shame.

  16. Paul on

    So all that plating is worth maybe 300 dollars,the bike is worth 150 dollars so Where’s the rest come from,,the signature attached.. joke


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