We’ve known it was coming, but now it’s official – Trek and Bontrager are teaming up with Sven Nys and Sven Vanthourenhout. The partnership is with the Crelan AA Drink Team and includes the duo of Svens. AA drink is a Belgian energy drink with a number of sports oriented varieties. Both Svens will be on Trek frames and Bontrager components with the big unveil coming on January, 1 at Nys’ namesake race, the GP Sven Nys in Baal, Belgium.

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Massive addition of Crelan AA Drink team signals another step in the brand’s commitment to cyclocross

(Baal, Belgium) – Just a few days ahead of his namesake race, Trek Bicycle is formally announcing a partnership with the Crelan AA Drink team consisting of World Champion Sven Nys (BEL) and Sven Vanthourenhout (BEL). Trek will be Nys’ and the team’s frame supplier, while Bontrager will assume the role of equipment and components supplier.

The world’s most accomplished cyclocross racer and current World Champion, Nys brings a new level of prestige to a program that already includes UCI World Cup Champion Katie Compton. As with all Trek athletes, in addition to racing for the brand, both Nys and Vanthourenhout will work with Trek’s product development team (DEV) to further push Trek’s cyclocross products. “The partnership with Trek and the work we put into the bikes is another dimension for me in cyclocross,” said Nys. “I am really happy to be part of the family of Trek and to do something special with them.

Trek will unveil the team’s new bikes on January 1 at the GP Sven Nys in Baal, Belgium. Both Nys and Vanthourenhout will join Trek Cyclocross Collective’s Katie Compton for a special event and press conference.

Matt Shriver of Trek’s Race Shop has been at the forefront of Trek’s movement into a leadership role within the cyclocross community and sees the signing as another step in the brand’s commitment to the sport. “When we really dedicated ourselves to cyclocross a few years back, we had a strategy to support racing with the full commitment of our product development team and partner with some of the biggest names in the sport,” Shriver said. “This move in particular is a huge step for us, and one that we are really excited to take.”

In just a few short years, Trek has transformed from a company that offered a bike for cyclocross to a company filled with passionate ‘cross racers that supports the biggest names in the sport and even hosts a UCI cyclocross race in their backyard, the Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup. Trek’s current cyclocross program, the Trek Cyclocross Collective will continue to race as such in 2014.


  1. truerider on

    Trek is doing it big. Can’t wait to see the bikes they ride and how they perform on them. I wonder if we will see a Trek with a shoulder cradle? Maybe this means they will race in America more….

  2. David on

    Stew – So if you were Trek you wouldn’t try to get the most accomplished rider in a category that you were looking to develop bikes for?

  3. Werewilf on

    @CW- dont think so, you can just about see the Di2 levers in the pic…hope not anyway, we’ll be seeing sven running half a lap alot more if they are on Sram!

  4. nifrodne on

    He’s looking forward to ride with trek.
    The bike is developed and should be a (r)evolution…

    And he was not longer so happy with his colnago after 15 years of good performance

  5. Bas on

    it’s pretty damn cool to organize/host an UCI event in your backyard. talk about commitment to the sport.

    i think it’s good for globalizing XC, should not be an EU (well, Vlaanderen actually 🙂 ) party only. too bad it’s just a two men squad, or am i wrong?

  6. Castor/Pollux on

    Well, Colnago did swich their attention to Niels Albert in the last two years, him getting more place on Colnago website and Facebook and getting all the new gear first.
    Albert is also the one exclusively testing new Colnago CX frame model this season in races.

    I mean, it makes sense, Albert still has at least 7-10 years ahead of him, and this is business after all, no place for crap like sentimentality and loyalty (I was expecting some sort of thank you on Colnago’s site or Facebbok to the guy who brought them more then 250 victories, but so far, nada).

    On the other hand, if this Nys/Trek thing delivers a bike as good as Fabian/Domane collaboration, all the better.
    He did say that he’s already very happy with with the bike (it’s getting a new name, not Crockett), but they are going to keep improving it all the time.

  7. Jake on

    A friend of mine put this best: Trek is like that super-wealthy doctor or lawyer that goes into their LBS and says “give me all the best things.” Good for them. I look forward to watching Sven be Sven on a different bike. Maybe this means he’ll spend more time racing in the US next year.

  8. Evanstonian on

    @Oscar: Hardly a leak. That picture is posted in the team page:

    I am not a fan of Trek, but it is good for cyclocross in the US (please don’t equal that to ‘globalizing’). Hopefully there will be more UCI races here, in the US, that bring European cyclocross racers. Would love to see Nys, van der Haar, or Albert in the men’s field, would love to see Vos and Cant ride with Compton and Wyman here.


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