The new Lbs. Bikes fRUMPERS frame/fork bumpers are viscoelastic tabs that stick on your top- or downtube to replace foam or rubber bumpers on dual crown fork stanchions.

The idea is to improve both frame protection and aesthetics. Founder Ryan Melnyck says not only does it look far better than an old tire cut and zip-tied around your fork legs, but it’ll completely eliminate frame dents. They’re available in two sizes and two thicknesses, letting you fine tune the fit around your particular frame and cable layout. The largest/thickest is designed to handle heavier forks like the Marzocchi Monster T.

Not sure they’ll work? Check the video below, which involves a hammer and a frame…


They retail for $12-$13 depending on size, keeping in line with Lbs. Bikes’ value oriented lineup of other protective and preventative bike accessories. Their homepage is down while the site is being updated, but you can still sneak directly to the products page to see the rest and email Ryan to order.


  1. Lbs.’s product lineup reminds me of a Sky Mall catalog. Rim strips or tape have worked forever, but the stickers are sorta cool and might save a few grams. Mastic tape works great as a frame bumper, but a frumper is more polished version than that. Glitter in sealant helps with larger holes, but roam does the same and has a brand name. No comment on rabs, as they seem like a solution looking for a problem.

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