Ohlins DH Shock ReleasedLast year prototypes surfaced of Specialized bikes featuring a coil shock with Ohlin’s trademark yellow coil. Those rumors became substantiated when the Big S announced an exclusive partnership with the legendary shock manufacturer.

The two companies had worked in conjunction to produce a special shock that was designed to work exclusively with the Demo and Enduro Evo models. Unlike the Cane Creek Double Barrel, which was also developed by Ohlins, this TTX shock features less adjustments because it was designed for just two  models. In addition to that, the engineers where also able to take advantage of all the advancements made in the half dozen years since the original Double Barrel was introduced.

Specialized calls the TTX “the best shock ever created in the mountain bike world” and now it seems that Ohlins might be ready to unleash the beast on the market. This product list was posted on the facebook page of their Italian Distributor Andreani Group late last year, and shows the shock will be available for several of the most popular bikes on the market.

If you’re currently riding any of the following bikes, you might want to hold off on upgrading your rear shock until the dust settles:

  • Giant Glroy
  • Trek Session
  • Santa Cruz V10
  • Lapierre DH
  • Kona Supreme
  • GT Fury
  • Yeti Donde (?)
  • Norco Aurum
  • Transition TR450
  • Commencal Supreme DH
  • Devinci Wilson
  • Scott Gambler

Special thanks to Ethan for the tip!


  1. Awesome. I’m glad to see this technology on more bikes. The only thing that bothers me is peoples’ issues with the yellow coil. Ohlins shocks are on multiple cars, motorcycles and who knows what else with stock yellow coils. You can swap it out, and probably need to for your weight/sag needs. My GasGas enduro motorycycle had a yellow Ohlins coil, as do many other motos, and I haven’t heard so many people from another application complain about the color of a coil on such a nice piece of technology.

  2. So is this better then a custom valved cheap shock or an Avalanch shock. A custom Avalanch shock is a sweet thing!

  3. I don’t think the shock will only be available for the listed bikes. It’s more like they are giving examples for bikes with a certain shock length…no reason why it wouldn’t fit for any other bike. It’s just bolts and washers damnit..

  4. @Bobtimus

    Let me guess: You squeezed an Oldsmobile Quad4 motor into a Vanagon? (“Heck, it’s just a motor mount and duct tape!”)

    Things are co-developed for a reason. Ohlins partnered with Specialized in developing this shock for two bike models. If it was just “bolts and washers,” they would put it on a Hardrock or RockHopper; why not? (That was a joke–those bikes are hardtails.)

  5. Bobtimus is right. So long as the shock length is the same and you’ve got the right spring on the shock, you can switch out with virtually any other shock. All that would be left to do would be to revolve the shock to get the damping right

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