Fly6 Camera

Two years ago a pair of cyclists were rear ended and the driver was apprehended because one was riding with a GoPro. In that interim, many similar stories of cameras capturing antagonistic drivers have also surfaced. So two Australian cyclists have developed the ultimate safety device for cyclists. Their product, the Fly6, is a combination of a tail light and an HD720 POV camera.

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The LED light weighs 105 grams and will have a USB re-chargeable lithium ion battery. Run time varies, but expect a minimum of 5 hours with the light on max. Video is taken at 720p because 1080p footage would consume storage faster. The unit comes with an 8gb microSD card uninstalled, but swapping in a 32gb card will allow you to record up to 8 hrs of footage.

The campaign has 25 days to go, although the Australians have already exceeded their goal of $95,000. If you’re interested, you can still pick up a Fly6 here for $129 AUD. Units are expected to ship in May, and suggested retail is slated to be $170 AUD.


  1. Wow… “but expect a minimum of 5 hours with the light on max” that is pretty amazing compared to the action cams on the market.

  2. I don’t get this product- it’s a combination of 2 products which are incompatible with each other. The light is useless during the day, and the camera is useless at night. Am I missing something here?

    Also, the video samples are pretty poor- identifying a license plate looks to be impossible.

  3. If they really want this to be a deterrent to drivers they should partner with a city like NYC to give these out for free to cyclists, do a huge media campaign to let drivers know they’ll be on video if they hit someone and subsidize the price (insurance company sponsor) to get these on every single commuter bike in the world.

    I fully believe drivers would be more respectful of cyclists if they knew there was a constant threat of their actions being recorded.

    I guess (following that logic) maybe we should also mandate dash-cams for drivers that resist tampering.

  4. Why do they assume drivers will be more respectful if recording?
    Why do they assume drivers will know you are recording because of the rotary led light pattern?

  5. @David – I believe the idea is simple, it will take a number of instances where motorists doing stupid things is captured the interaction is published in the news. If the device _also_ makes the news coverage as a cheap device that _many_ cyclists are now using, motorists will start watching their behaviour (like red light cameras). The device also has a distinctive look (a group of centre LEDs light up in a sweeping motion around the lens) so that it can be easily ID’d once you hit that cultural tipping point. This is not a guaranteed tipping point, but a feasible one. Here is hoping it works.

    Caveat: I am a backer (aka putting my money where my mouth is).

  6. @Rider X
    Seems like a long-shot that drivers would identify if a cyclist has a specific light which may or may not be recording. The drivers who might potentially harm you really don’t give a s**t about you or your bike light since you’re in THEIR way.
    I can see the value in having this product, but don’t believe it’s mere presence will prevent any accident.

  7. @David- and thus my point: this needs to be publicized in a manner that makes all drivers aware of its existence and the potential to be prosecuted based on video evidence. You don’t want drivers who might say “Oh $#!^, was that one of those distinct LED patterns on the back of that commuter I just hit?” You want every driver to think “Oh $#!^, if I hit that guy it’ll be recorded in HD.”

    In general I’m against a society with more video cameras, however I’m all for cameras specifically designed to reinforce the idea of personal responsibility and accountability.

    In fact, Trek and Specialized should offer these on every single commuter model they sell- that would get more of these on the road than anything other than mandating them by law.

  8. if footage goes viral, it very well could make people think twice before doing something stupid.
    overall, i like the idea. i do fear of the (extremely remote) possibility that i get run over, the dude pulls over, sees my special little blinky, and takes it or smashes it.
    there’s an app for your phone where you take a pic or record a vid of some bad stuff going down, and instead of being saved on your phone, it’s immediately uploaded and cant be retrieved without a password. it’s intended for Rodney King type stuff. if that was integrated into this light/camera, that would be extra-special awesome.

  9. Think of it as a ‘black box.’ If you get in a collision there may be a useful video. There’s an added bonus that as the word gets out drivers may be more cautious around cyclists. And because if it’s successful there will be no doubt other companies making there own versions, it won’t matter what it looks like. Hopefully some cyclists lives will be saved as drivers become more cautious.

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