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3D printing has been a hot topic lately, and no one knows that better than RaceWare Direct. After all, most of the products they sell come off a printer in either 3D printed nylon or titanium. After RaceWare entered into the world of Garmin mounts, Tyler had a chance to review one hot off the press. Now, in addition to titanium chain catchers, number holders, and stems RaceWare is also printing out GoPro mounts like the red, white, and blue number above. The GoPro mounts and matching Garmin mounts will be sold in a number of color combinations as well as made to order options through their new custom program that will be rolling out shortly.

See the effect that 3D printing may have on future products next.

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One of the benefits from 3D printing is since there are no molds, theoretically each piece can be unique. Looking to capitalize on that fact, RaceWare is about to launch a new website that will have a custom mount creator allowing you to design your own mount right before your eyes. In addition to custom colors it looks like the mounts will offer customization like adding your name to the side of the mount. Martyn from RaceWare says that they should be able to have the custom mount in the customer’s hand 2 weeks after the order is placed.

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Finally, RaceWare showed us one last new product – their new twin arm Garmin mount. With a very similar concept to the WoMo mounts we saw at Interbike, the mount allows you to run a Garmin up top and a Gopro underneath. RaceWare also created a bracket that will mount to the GoPro mount allowing the use of Exposure lights.



  1. customer to design your own mount – i hope it doesn’t mean more than color, because if customers can design shape in anyway, would be a disaster, but good for some laughs in the office.

  2. the idea of having a mount for a decent light like the exposure under the out front speedo is great – i’ve been trying to get this right for ages but cant get the angle adjust right.

    would buy one of these for sure.

  3. Hi K11,

    The customisation will be constrained and you will have options on bar size, side of stem, version of garmin, colour and then additon of your own text. You will see the design build on the screen so you can approve it before placing an order.

  4. Hi Monster,

    We also offer a range of mounts for the older 705 units as well as for Bryton. Mio mounts are also now ready and will be added to the new website.

  5. Very cool, this is the wave of the future, wish I could figure out which company(s) will be the winners in 3d printing, time to buy their stock.

    Consider a variant of the light mount on the bottom which uses the half round/rubber washer set up that so many light companies use.


  6. Thanks Don, we will look at other options for sure but have already got mounts for GoPro cameras, Exposure lights and DCS Cameras.

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