Like the road and commuter wheels and hubs announced today, Shimano’s upcoming mountain bike products lead in with entry and mid level products that take full advantage of their tech. We often see comments about how expensive the top tier products in the industry are getting, but then you look at the new Alivio group and you realize that what used to be Deore or LX level years ago, can now be had on an entry level 9 speed bike.

It may not include a clutch rear derailleur or offer competition to XX1, but the new Alivio M4000 group should allow for some quality builds at easily attainable prices. It’s based on a Mega 9 shifting platform which is anchored by the new Shadow M4000 rear derailleur…


BR-M4050_S_01 SL-M4000_R_S_01

Alivio equipped bikes will have the option for an integrated brake/shift lever, or an Alivio stand alone shifter to run other brakes.


FD-M4000-TS6_S_01 FD-M4000-DS3_S_01

The group includes a new low profile front derailleur which is said to improve tire clearance…

FC-M4050_S_40-30-22_01 FC-M4000_S_40-30-22_01

…which will be used on the new compact triple offering improved gearing for 29ers and 27.5″ bikes. For Alivio, that Hollowtech II model on the left is looking pretty good. Expect to see the new Alivio popping up around June or July.

FC-TX801_L_42-32-22_01 FC-TX801_48-38-28_S_01

Yes, it’s hard to get excited about Tourney, but as a popular repair group for shops, improvement is always welcomed.

ST-TX800-8R_S_01 RD-TX800_L_01

Tourney TX800 is an 8 speed group with a one piece brake/shift lever and subtle improvements made to the rear derailleur.


The most interesting part of the Tourney group is the mechanical disc brake that also includes Tourney level Centerlock rotors. All of the new Tourney group should be hitting warehouses around July.


  1. Shimano you **** where’s my ******* 1 x 10?
    I wrote you three letters and I came to see you twice,
    I’ve been through all this other **** and there’s nothing that I like,
    so Shimano you **** where’s my ******* 1 x 10?

  2. I started riding in 1954 or so. When you have been riding all of the different brands and groups as I have, you would understand why I think these trickle down groups are very nice stuff. If I were buying a new bike this year, I would probably go with a less costly bike that had any one these groups on them. In a lot of cases, the same or almost the same frame is used through out a line. Also you might wind up with a group mix i.e. Tiagra, 105 etc. I have seen 105 where you first look at a bike and lesser group parts where you do not take a close look. If it moves the chain and or stops the bike, it really does not matter all that much. If you really have to have all the fancy light stuff on the top of the line frame, break out the check book or charge card and go for it.

  3. What a fantastic looking groupset (the Alivio, specifically – Touney’s not ugly but nothing to write home about) The design team did a great job on the family – the crank may be my favorite. Hooray for trickle down!

  4. So does this mean that they have 9spd shifters and derailleurs that use the same cable pull as the 10spd DynaSys groups? Derailleur geometry looks identical to the newer 10spd gear.

    Would definitely make sense to provide a built in upgrade path like with the road 8,9,10spd gear.

  5. @Bobby,
    I doubt the new Alivio will be compatible to 10spd DynaSys. If it were, you could bet on Shimano making a lot of noise about it.

  6. The new Alivio cranks and front derailleurs look to have the Mega 9 mark on them, which would mean they are using Shimano’s conventional 9 speed cable pull ratio. Still, great to have a 9 speed drivetrain that looks sleek at this price point.

  7. Basic reading of the article tells you that they are Mega-9…

    This actually some of the most exciting news from Shimano. 11spd XTR is cool and all but in real life its kinda useless. That 9spd Hydraulic combo shifter is super rad.

  8. How is it that Alivio looks more and more attractive every cycle and Tourney looks… the same…

    @Bobby: Shimano aren’t interested in making their groups cross compatible at all, which is and has been annoying for when road parts and MTB parts could have made a nice mix on hybrids, or for example DH and 4X bikes, or for those who want Shadow+ on 9 speed set ups. In this case on the Alivio derailleur, the arm that recieves the cable is shorter than on the 10 speed ones… plus it says so in the text.

  9. Recent iterations of budget Shimano components are surprisingly well performing. I have Deore disk brakes on my commuter, and, frankly, besides a little bit of extra weight it functions as well or better as last generation XT (and better than old XTR that did not have Servowave, or whatever they call it) – uses pre Ice-tech pads.

  10. I was about to post proclaiming my excitement about these budget groups because I didn’t think anyone else would give a poop. I’m glad that I’m wrong!

    Shimano, can we see the new 105 and Tiagra? Thanks!

  11. It took about 20 years for disc brakes to get to the bottom of the food chain from being so exotic they required special versions of forks or a custom frame.

  12. When is the news about the new Shimano 105 group coming out? Possibly a 3 x 11 option? Possibly 105 electronic? Maybe even a 3 x 11 electronic group – that would be AWESOME. (BTW, I live in the Alps – 34 tooth inner rings are too big for long steep climbs when you don’t like stupidly big gaps between gears and 50 tooth big rings are too small for fast, flowing descents; triples are the best option here).

  13. @Jack
    9 speed Shimano road mechs are compatible with their trigger shifters – plenty of DH riders ran that setup. I don’t know about 10 speed.

  14. You have no XX1 answer from Shimano, SRAM can’t make hydraulic rim brakes properly, keeping my Tarmac SL4 in the garage since November without replacement parts…does anyone smell at duopoly?

  15. @Chuck Diller Shimano tends to hold product back and do it right the first time, SRAM comes out with parts quickly and fixes issues as they arise. If you wait one year from when the new stuff comes out you would probably eliminate 90% of your issues.

  16. To all the wizards complaining about the lack of 11-speed cogs and 1×11 thingies:
    1. Shimano’s been building 1×11 for a couple of years already > Alfine 11 speed
    2. It’s beginning of March. Shimano has set multiple embargo dates for new products.
    3. Behave and be patient, and Shimano will deliver the goods.
    4. On non-compatibility issues: Shimano has improved a lot in that regard. Sram stinks now, altering the X01 spider so it won’t take a 28t chainring is plain nonsense from them.

    There is no Hollowtech II in the Alivio crank. It is crank with integrated axle which is PART of Hollowtech II technology.

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