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Raceface alloy crank boots (4) Raceface alloy crank boots (3) - Copy

Why should carbon cranks have all the fun? We all know color matching improves performance, especially if it’s Enduro Blue (right Dicky?). Now, even if you’re running aluminum cranks, any aluminum cranks, you can add a bit of style and protection with Race Face’s new Aluminum Crank Boots. Race Face says that the boots will fit most aluminum cranks for other brands and will retail for $9 per set in the full range of colors.


  1. i on

    I yearn for the days where stuff came in one color only, and it didn’t match anything. When forks were gold and bar ends were purple and frames were turquoise and yellow and no one in the bike industry had ever even heard of white paint.
    To me nothing says “poser” like a bike with matching colors.

  2. NotAMachinist on


    Hey, I have a white bike, and everything matches. Of course it’s from 1987 and everything matches because the only color components came in was silver. So the silver Campy hubs match the silver Shimano cranks and silver Cinelli stem and bars, etc.

  3. john on

    For the haters: The cold war is over. We are all individual unique snowflakes. So get used to people customizing their bikes.

    Got a set of these on my XX1 cranks on my Krampus. Worth the piece of mind. Plus they look cool to me.


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