Regardless of cycling discipline, the easiest and most affordable way of altering the ride quality of your bicycle is tire pressure. Whether you diligently check your air pressure or not before each ride, I’m sure all of you know at least someone who could benefit from a simple way of checking their tires.

The new RightPSI is a tire cap that turns orange when tire pressure is low, black when correct, and yellow if you overfill it. To install, simply replace your existing tire valve stem cap with the Right PSI cap. When you’re low, the cap will change color and you can simply unscrew the top of the cap to top off. The cap changes color when you remove the air chuck, so you can visually check if you’re in the ballpark.

Depending on the style of bike you’re riding, you’ll want to choose a specific PSI level for the Right PSI gauge to work at. For $10 you can pick up one gauge that works at either 28,30,33,45, or 40 PSI, but additional PSI levels are available for custom orders. The company is also close to releasing a version for presta valves, so stay tuned to their website here for more details


  1. I know that I for one have been waiting for $10 valve caps for as long as I can remember.

    Now if someone will just market some luxury cable crimps all of my needs will be met.

  2. Greg got right to the point: these are Schrader valves for car tire pressures, which are only appropriate for cars and some children’s bikes.

    I think Jak0zilla is overlooking tension-reporting spoke nipples as an option. Most of us still have more spokes than cables, and it would be nice to know the tension of each spoke.

  3. Might be interesting low-buck method for a rear air shock or maybe even a front fork since they have Schrader valves, but I bet they don’t work that high or even have triple digits available.

  4. All of the naysayers above are totally missing the point. Of course they will make one to fit different valve options, and of course they can tune it to read out for different pressures. I think that this could be accomplished in a smaller form factor too. If it is cheap and can be adjusted, all the better. This could likely save time for all of the times you don’t need to add pressure, or alert you early (ie after your last ride) that you have a slow leak/problem. Simple and mechanical, this is the type of innovation we need in cycling.

  5. I actually think this is a pretty sweet idea, with good uses for a lot of applications. Boat trailer tires? On your car it saves you the hassle of trying to figure out which tire/tires are low, as you cant always tell at a glance. $10 per tire is steep though, but for a trailer carrying expensive cargo I think it would be worth it.

    For bikes, I actually really like the idea, as it would provide an easy way to check for proper inflation after changing a flat. I wouldnt leave it on the wheel, but I might keep one with my pump.

  6. These are not a new idea……They have been around a long time, walmart, target, and just about any auto parts store has them.

  7. I seriously doubt these would work if the valve on a presta was left open as I would assume you would need to do and you had sealant in a tubeless system.

    These are for garage/cruiser bikes that sit for a long time. Casual riders absolutely, BR readers……………

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