Innova monster dh studded tires (1)

Studded tires have become a pretty common sight on bicycles, especially with the crazy winter we’ve had this year. But once the snow starts disappearing, so do the studs. Well, at least they used to. Now it seems that Innova thinks there are benefits to be had with studded tires in the dirt rather than the snow.

Initially aimed towards down hill riding, is this the future of mountain bike tread designs?

Innova monster dh studded tires (3)

Awarded an iF D&I award at the show, there will be two versions of the studded tire, the Little Monster and the Big Monster. Little Monster uses red plastic studs that sit inside the shoulder tread blocks without really poking through. This is supposed to support the shoulder tread while offering a bit of extra grip when really cornering hard.

Innova monster dh studded tires (2)

Big Monster appears to use the exact same tread pattern but instead has yellow plastic studs that are harder, and protrude farther than Little Monster claiming to offer greater support and improved grip on wet trails, or even snow and ice. How well plastic studs will hold up to mountain biking use is anyone’s guess, but it is cool to companies thinking outside the tread block. Both tires will initially be offered in 27.5 x 2.35″ along with a number of other new 27.5″ tires for the company.

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  1. I could see this being a valuable addition for all of us who ride on clay. I’ve never met a tire that could grab onto the slick oily dirt of my local trails (The Don, Toronto)

  2. no, no no. soooo no. If you ride in rocky terrain at all these will be a death sentence. If you only ever ride loam… then sure.

  3. Interesting, not sure where the UCI will come down on this: they explicitly banned studs in CX after the Dugast Diablo, but might allow them in DH given that it is not a mass-start event.

  4. I’d be curious to see a cross section of the tire, how the stud is supported. Makes sense that you could make the side knobs thinner and better able to work in mud by supporting them.

    I have to wonder how the big monster would deal with riding on a hard surface.

  5. Ever ride a pair of Maxxis Wet Screams in the wet? They hook up well in mud but not on wet roots or rock. At that time it can be like ice skating in fact, and I can’t imagine studs doing a better job.

  6. I would get these just because they’re different and to try them out. You know; like 29er use to be or 650b is now. Before you know it….ppl will be weirded out by anyone with non studded 650B tires!

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