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As if there weren’t enough “standards” to keep track of for mountain bikes, fat bikes have made things more complicated with a number of new hub sizes of their own. Fortunately for fat bike builders, companies like Industry Nine have the situation under control. To keep the SKUs to a minimum, I9 is now shipping two different rear hubs in 170mm and 190mm and one front hub in 135mm (for now?). From there each hub uses swappable end caps to work with every symmetric fat bike standard that we know of whether it’s quick release or thru axle. Fat Torches are also available with the XD driver should you want to run X01 or XX1 on your fattie. Because I9 doesn’t yet make their own fat bike rim you miss out on their aluminum spokes but you do get to take advantage of their ridiculous freehub engagement.

Interested in a set? We have the actual weights after the break.

I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (3)

I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (2)

All lined up and ready to go, I9 has you covered with 170mm and 190mm rear hubs which use a 4 bearing design and the front 135mm two bearing hub. Both use oversized axles and external seals with hybrid ceramic bearings available as an upgrade. Hub spacings include 9×135 QR, 10×135 QR (Rear disc offset spacing), 15×135, and 15×142 axle options for the front, and 170 QR, 12×177 ta, 190mm QR and 12×197 ta. Pricing is set at $195 for the front, $395 for the rear, or $590 for the set. Sold in 32h only, hubs are available in the standard Black, Red, Silver, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, and Turquoise color options.

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I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (6) I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (5)

I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (4)

Front hubs all weigh in at 190-194g, while the rear hubs clocked in at 318 for a 170mm hub with a 9/10 speed freehub, and 341 for a 190mm XD equipped hub.



  1. Nick on

    Fisho- What I ‘think’ Taylor was getting at (how I read it) was the ridiculousness that occurs when companies put out weights in press releases or in a catalog, and those numbers more often seem to be made up out of the blue, or what the company would like the product to weigh in their ideal world…

  2. Collin on

    like quoting a rim weight with an asterisk saying 400g = 800g minus the beer that’s not attached, so its only 400g.

  3. MikeC on

    Since the advent of modular endcaps, I’ve been waiting for a modular hub body, so it wouldn’t matter what the standard is or was, you could make it work for just about anything. Swap out a spacer somewhere between the flanges instead of having to upgrade hubs for new width standards. Of course it would mean a wheel re-build to do it, but how fantastic would it be if you could just buy a rim, spokes, and a relatively cheap spacer to convert your 135 rear hub to 170 or 190, or…?

  4. Zen Bike Fab on

    Regarding “Actual Weights”..
    Sometimes they are not made up, but rather estimated in advance.
    In some cases companies will create marketing materials during the prototyping process.
    This means they can either use CAD generated weights or pre-production sample weights. When they get into production CNC tool paths and tools can change the amount of material leaving more or less.
    This isn’t an excuse for claiming a weight is accurate in advance of production, rather a possible explanation.
    I hope it helps?

  5. SketchyD on

    Looking at the “actual weights” vs. the “published weights” on the website, seems like i9 wasn’t fluffing at all…

    15×150… No worries.


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