Farrier Stayer 24 youth road bike with Shimano STI drivetrain

The Farrier Stayer 24 kids road bike

After struggling to find a well spec’d, well made road bike to fit his 8-year-old, Swobo owner Peter Discoe decided to make his own. Quite a few years later, they’re here.

Farrier Bikes is a separate brand, launching with the Stayer in two wheel sizes, 24″ and the slightly larger 650c. Both have 6061 butted aluminum frames and forks (1-1/8″ threadless) and Shimano Claris 8-speed STI shifters and derailleurs. Other notable spec includes Promax brakes, Alex rims, Novatec hubs, Velo bar tape and saddle, Kalloy post and Kenda tires. All that comes in at just $799.

More pics, details and geometry charts below…

Farrier Stayer 650c youth road bike with Shimano STI drivetrain

The Stayer 650 youth road bike.

We saw these a few months ago when Swobo’s road show rolled through Greensboro, and they looked fantastic. Several kids were at the event riding scoot bikes around the shop at the time and immediately wanted to hop on these.

Farrier Stayer 650c youth road bike with Shimano STI drivetrain

Between then and their launch, they were able to upgrade the shifters to Shimano Claris, too, providing STI shifting ease without raising the price. They ship with 4mm spacers placed inside the brake levers to reduce the reach, and 8mm spacers are provided upon request. With 650c wheels and a quality build, there’s no reason why really short adults couldn’t take advantage of the entirely upgradeable frame, too.



  1. David on

    Nice! I’m in the process of building an “all road” bike for my wife (5’3″) based on the 507 (24″) wheel size. Really opens up the geometry options. Good to see a production line for people of shorter stature. I help coach a kids triathlon team, and I’ll need to mention this to the younger riders.

  2. Case on

    Well Dolan, they are a bit different, the Isla Bike is a 1×8 cross bike and the Farrier bikes are both spec’d as 2×8 road bikes. Good to see both of these companies making entry level racers for juniors of both disciplines.


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