Sun-Ringle Mulefut fat bike rims

Sun-Ringle’s added two new rim options, one for fat tires and one for fat bikes.

On their complete wheels, they’ve licensed Stan’s BST (Bead Seat Technology). So you’ll find the same interior bead hook shaping on their Black Flag and Charger wheels as you will on Stan’s NoTubes rims. But, that license doesn’t carry over to standalone rims. So, Sun-Ringle developed their own tubeless ready extrusion and pinned and sleeved it into the Helix…

Sun-Ringle Helix tubeless ready mountain bike rims

It’s available in 25mm (19mm internal) and 27mm (21mm internal) widths.

Sun-Ringle Helix tubeless ready mountain bike rims

They have a lower sidewall than their Inferno rims and have a bead lock bump to keep the tire seated. They’re available in all three wheel sizes (26″, 27.5″ and 29″) for aftermarket and OE customers. Weights are 450g to 500g for the TR27 (27mm wide). Coming in June.

Sun-Ringle Mulefut fat bike rims

The Mulefut, named after a type of pig, is an 80mm wide, single-walled fat bike rim. The MF80SL shown here has the drilled out center to save weight, putting it at a claimed 795-800g weight. A non-perforated version can be done for OE customers.

Sun-Ringle Mulefut fat bike rims

It has a bead hump for tubeless set ups. Dual 32-hole rows of spoke holes allow centered or offset builds.

Sun-Ringle Mulefut fat bike rims

It also uses a pinned and sleeved construction. Could be available as early as end of May.


  1. Why is it a bad move. I’ve had ust and Stan’s rims and I’ve never had issues with either. I do like how the Stan’s rim has that treasuring snap/pop when you rest the tire.

  2. Please, please stop with the complaining about fat bikes. N00bs like you have obviously never ridden one. Paradigmatic shifts in your view of fun are, guess what, fun. Take it from a rider of 30 years….get over yourself.

  3. Evan. Mountain bikes were once your so-called “incredibly small niche market” as well. Fatbikes are not going away. Time will tell.

  4. Fat bikes are the number one growing bicycling segment..every sport or genre of a sport has to start from infancy….there must be a reason why the top bicycle companies are starting to have multiple models in their line ups even bring carbon models.. its more than a niche.. as soon as I rode one I was hooked.. I live in michigan where 5 months of winter means indoor biking.. this makes it fun to go shred.. your entitled to your opinion but that doesnt mean you know what your talking about.. fatbikes are here to stay and are getting lighter and better frame geometry and tires are coming out daily.. and even a new rock shox fork.. (deleted)

  5. Did “Evan” disappear? I tried to find the person you guys were telling to stop “whining”…is he a ghost? Oh well…there will always be whiners, doubters and haters…let’s stop giving them our attention and go ride something!!!! cheers, hellboy

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