Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (1)

While many cyclists will argue that the cellphone has no place on a ride, there are many valid reasons why someone might want their phone in easy view. RokForm offers some beautifully machined mounts and cases for iPhones and various Android devices, which will help keep your precious device safe and within range…

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (2)

Their headtube mount allows riders to conveniently install and rotate their cellphone between landscape and portrait modes.

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (6)

Their cheapest setup starts at $29, but the aluminum kit will set you back $69.

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (5)

Each of the cases is available in a myriad of colors, and you can give the company a shout if you’d like to put together something special that isn’t listed on the website.

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (10)

Rok Form also offers Stickies, so you can purchase a mount and install it anywhere. One of the most popular uses of this device is on car dashboards, because it allows your cellphone to mount up and be used as a GPS device, etc…

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (7)

In addition to the secure mount devices available, RokForm has a bevy of other products. The unique thing about this case is that it has a strong magnet located in the middle, which enables the phone to stick to any magnetic surface.

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (8)


  1. I have been using Rokform’s case and bike mounts for almost two years. The mount is super solid and itself has a magnet that pairs up with the magnet in the case to help prevent it from twisting. I’m getting the universal mount to pair up with a lifeproof case so my phone can take anything during this years Dirty Kanza 200.

    The one time my phone came off was when I crashed on the pavement. I didn’t have the lanyard attached so the phone skidded across the road. The phone wasn’t hurt and the case barely showed a scratch.

  2. @Flip, You’re right. No one ever uses their phone for navigation, route tracking, or as a cyclometer. That would be craziness.

  3. While I would rather not ride with my phone in view, I have my own small business and often times need to be available while riding, having it in my jersey pocket reduces the chances of hearing it ring…the alternative is not to ride…and that is worse.

  4. i love rokform. i too have had mines for almost 2 years. mounted on my stumpy and my hardtail. we’ve bombed through some of the gnarliest gardens, still mounted. when i’m over the handlebars, it comes off, BUT, with the lanyard, it stays with the bike, not down the trail under some leaves/branches. my body and bike suffers more than my iphone.

    many good reasons to have it in easy view: super quick access to my data-mining apps, camera for wild life, and changing my tunes. lastly, since smart phone makers refuse to let us know how much radiation they are emitting, i like to keep my iphone off my body as much as possible.

  5. I too have run this mount on my rip9 rdo with an i5 , it’s been perfect and has never came off ! By far the Rokform products are the best on the market. as for not needing your phone in view is rediculous! Love haters !

  6. My iPhone + Cyclemeter app + Anker 6000 Mah ($30) USB battery + Wahoo Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Speed and Cadence Sensor, and the RFLKT + the Rokform mount gives me the most powerful cycling computer/navigation system.

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