2014 fat hubs

We first got a look at 616 Fabrication’s new fat bike hubs in March 2013, which at the time were still in the prototype phase. After deciding they wanted to test the design further, 616 sent them to a University Wheel and hub testing facility in Marquette, MI Velovations from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI  who apparently helped develop the Thomson Dropper post as well. (video here, thanks to Dr. John Gershenson for the clarification! ). 616 followed that with another 12 months of real world testing and are now confident in saying the hubs are ready for any abuse you can throw at them. Built for the latest generation of fat bikes, these made in the US hubs are compatible with all the standards making for yet another interesting options when it comes to stretching your hubs.

Details next…

2014 wheels

Available on June 1st, 616 is currently accepting pre-orders (which are almost sold out). Tentatively called the Holy Roller, fat bike hubs will be offered as individual hubs as well as complete wheels with a number of build options. Normal mountain bike versions of the fat bike hubs will follow later this summer.

Specs from 616:

  • 170 or 190mm rear spacing
  • 135 convertible to 150mm front spacing for the new RockShox Bluto
  • Convertible end caps: QR skewer or thru axle
  • 6 Bolt rotor
  • Surly/Salsa fork compatible
  • X1/XD driver available
  • anodized hub shell (green, blue, red, or silver)
  • Easton free hub body
  • 168gr front / 340gr rear.
  • Made in The Beer City, Grand Rapids Michigan, USA





  1. Correction, the University testing was held at Michigan Technological University, in Houghton Michigan. The University group is called Velovations and it acts as a third party contracting company; product development, testing, and design work are all areas of the group’s expertise.

  2. Hmm, might have to Email Jon Velovations. There page hasn’t been updated in forever. Most of the freshmen team members have already graduated college.

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