Specialized Limited Edition Color Dipped Collection Color1Available for a month at a time, the new Specialized Color Dipped Collection features three products that feature the same bold, monochromatic color scheme. This month, the theme is High-Viz, and you won’t help but to stand out in a brightly colors S-Works Prevail Helmet, S-Works Road Shoe, or SL Pro Tall Sock.

Head past the break for more pictures…S-Works Prevail Limited Edition Color Dipped High-Viz HelmetThe S-Works Prevail is the top of the line road helmet (review here) from the Big S. It’s ultra light, well ventilated, and of course #AeroisEverything, so you can count on that too. This neon lid retails for the same $250 as the rest of the S-Works Prevail helmets.S-Works Road Shoe Limited Edition Color Dipped High-Viz

The S-Works Road shoe, which we’ve also reviewed, is their highest tier model and retails for the $400.Garrett Chow Instagram HiViz Color Dipped Road Kit Limited EditionHow do they look paired together? This is an image we swiped from Garrett Chow’s Instagram Feed. He was formerly one of their lead graphic designers and responsible for some of the best looking paint schemes we’ve ever gawked over, you can check more of his work out here.

This color dipped paint scheme will only be around till the end of the month and they have a limited amount of product, so head over to your local bike shop to order yourself a set!

What color are you hoping for next month?


  1. I remember when those heinous colors were in style in the 80s… Do we really need to bring back? That goes for all the companies.

  2. Cycling is suppose to be fun and flamboyant! Sorry it’s not on amazon for everyone. I’m sure your five year old swamp foot shoes will work for ten more years.

  3. They won’t sue Cannondale, but Kermit the frog is seriously pissed. He has a team of lawyers going to work on Mike S right now.

  4. I know they’re calling it “high-visibility” and all, but let’s just say what it is… its friggin’ NEON.

    MGK is right – the 80’s are back and giving fashion a whoopin… Lord I pray that pastels aren’t next… barf.

  5. First thought – hey look, new Mavic kicks and lid…

    Second thought – Mavic should talk to their lawyer.

    Third, and most important thought – can we get some 3D Violet anno parts next???

  6. Wait, so you guys want other companies to sue Specialized over using the same color as them? I wasn’t aware a color could be trademarked…

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