MRP Decapitator Bottle Opener Direct Mount Cover For riders who have made the leap to a 1x drivetrain, the only reminder of their old 2x ways is often an empty and unsightly direct mount plate. The Decapitator from MRP is a simple way to cover the old mount while adding a little functionality. 

MRP Decapitator Bottle Cap Scale Shot of Weight

The total weight for the Decapitator and accompanying alloy bolt is a mere 13 gm.GT Sesnor Without Direct Mount CoverOur long term review bike, the GT Sensor was a prime candidate for the upgrade. From the factory floor it comes equipped with a triple, which we almost immediately converted to a 1x drivetrain. Like many modern full suspension bikes, that left us staring at an empty direct mount plate.MRP-Decapitator-Installed-Direct-Mount-Cover

With the MRP Decapitator installed, the Sensor looks complete. It’s just a small touch, but then again, it’s the little things that make our bikes special

For those that don’t run Shimano SPDs or carry a multi tool equipped with a bottle opener, this little direct mount cover ads some essential functionality. Beyond that, it’s also a great conversation starter. In practice, it doesn’t work quite as well as an SPD, but it gets the job done!

The Decapitator is available now and retails for $29.95.



  1. Quality reviewing as always, Saris. Doing the tough reviews on the products that we can’t afford. This isn’t Pinkbike you know! Not all of us can afford $30 bottle openers!

  2. I can’t wait until Seraph gets his/her own column. It’ll be perfect every time!

    The price seems a bit high for a bottle opener. I think it’s high time that emergency bottle opening be taught in high school. It’s a required skill.

  3. There’s almost not a single part on a bike that I can’t use to open a bottle. While my initial post was in jest, $30 is still an awful lot to spend on a bottle opener. But I suppose it does do double duty.

  4. I can’t recall the last time I opened a bottle of beer on a bike ride………oh yeah. NEVER.
    I think this is more a novelty for someone to entertain the idea of brewskis on a ride. Because when I get back to the truck, if I don’t have an opener , I always have any sharp edge to almost anything to pop off the top. If that fails…teeth.
    I have vomited more beer in college than you will drink in a lifetime. That is fact.

  5. @Ryan

    Damn, you’re right. There is a six pack of Jamaican Red Ales from Mad River Brewing in my fridge right now , but I’ve also had great success with Lagunitas Little Something, Speakeasy Big Daddy, and the BridgePort Hop Czar. As you can see, we’ve thoroughly tested the Decapitator with a wide array of beers.


    I drank a beer on my ride yesterday….it was very Enduro.

  6. Tom Jones- Are you sure it isn’t a hit off the pipe?

    Nothing like packing a sixer up a long climb to make it “feeling”. 😉

  7. the irony of putting bottle openers on everything mountain bike related is that you never need them since you bring cans on rides.

  8. Thanks for the review Saris! Our new website is

    My thought in creating the Decapitator was that unused FD mounts are unsightly, and if you’re gonna cover it, may as well make it useful for something. I figured making in into a Garmin mount wasn’t ideal…..


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