Milwaukee Bicycle Co Mettle Cyclocross Disk Brake Frame

With gravel bikes popping up from some of the industry’s biggest names and BASP’s cyclocross season premier already slated for late September, it’s no secret that the cycling world is hungry for some miles off the pavé.

And with that off-road craving comes a guaranteed gear lust – envying your buddy’s disc brakes? Begging for some front end stiffness? Tired of trying to race on a jarring aluminum can? Look no further – Milwaukee Bicycle Company has you covered with their revamped Mettle cyclocross frame! Shred through the break for more details.

Milwaukee Bicycle Co Mettle Cyclocross Frame Tapered HeadtubeMaintaining the Made-In-The-USA craftsmanship and the True Temper OX Platinum ride quality of its little brother, the new Mettle cyclocross frame undergoes a modern update, acquiring a head tube for a 1.125″-to-1.5″ tapered fork that MBC says puts the frame in a truly race-oriented category.

The frame features a double butted, oversized front end for added stiffness, while maintaining the same geometry and rear end from previous years, all in a 4.4 pound frame. Add in a Cane Creek headset and a Whiskey No. 7 carbon cyclocross disc fork, and the whole package tips the scales at 5.5 pounds.

While this might be a little bit heavier than a comparably-featured aluminum frame, it will certainly ride a lot smoother, and will no doubt be light enough to haul over a few barriers each lap. At $874.99 for the frame, it won’t set you back all that much either.

The frame will come in five sizes from 50cm to 62cm, and all but two are currently available – look for the stragglers in late June or early July.

Worried Milwaukee would you leave you hanging on the gravel bike front? Rest easy, the company has a surprise up its sleeve for later this summer…


  1. Those downward facing dropouts on my Whiskey fork are so annoying because the wheel is constantly shifting even with the strongest of QR skewers. Had to abandon it for an ENVE with slightly-forward dropouts and not a mis-aligning shift in the hub since.

  2. I’m from WI and was about to buy this instantly, but then I saw that the two-tone frame option is $300.

    I’m not saying that isn’t a good value, but a 35% upcharge is too much. The polished headbadge is also $125. That makes the frame, as shown with fork, $1625. Looks great, but too much for me.

    Also, for CX racing, a flattening the bottom of the top-tube would have been nice!

  3. Funny, I think 44mm beer-can head tubes look awful, especially on thinner-tubed frames. Much prefer this look.

  4. We spent a lot of time over the winter working through the redesign of our cross bike. Several members of our race team used the older model and gave us solid feedback. Since we wanted to create a fully race-ready steel bike, we add the tapered head tube (which we think looks awesome) and the wider top and down tubes. We didn’t flatten the top tube because we found the edges of the flat tube dig into our shoulder more than a round tube.

    As for the paint, every Milwaukee frame comes with a custom solid-color paint job at no extra cost. The cool-looking panels on the display bike reflect the upcharge from the Milwaukee-based paint shop.

    Likewise, every Milwaukee Bicycle Company bike comes with the head badge. There is no extra cost for that either.

    Thanks for checking out the bike! We are excited to race it this fall.

  5. Love that little bit of chrome/stainless on the non-drive side chainstay, I usually put some tape at the very same spot, so that when I take the rear wheel off I don’t accidentally scrape off a chunk of paint with the brake rotor. Don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else, and it’s a smart touch for CX frame.

  6. Hey jeffro,
    Chris King Headsets are going to be available for this frameset. King didn’t get us black in time for the release.
    Thanks again everyone!

  7. @Brett So you want an American made bike for the price of a Taiwanese. Buy a Specialized. Oh, wait; they cost the same as an American made frame.

  8. @Brett It looks like the $875 was frame only and now it’s a frameset. Although 425 for a taiwanese carbon fork seems a bit rich; maybe there was a small increase in frame price as well.

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