Moonmen Launch their First Bike, the #M00 - a BMX Inspired Titanium Fat Bike

Moonmen might make you think of the MTV VMAs or perhaps those few astronauts who have traveled to the moon, but really, it’s all about bikes. Specifically, the bikes that a group of friends have ridden around the trails of Fort Collins, Colorado, often until they were joined by the moon’s light.

Forming a new bike company called Moonmen, Paul Knowles, Todd Heath and Ryan Mckee have set out to create some incredible new custom machines. Moonmen have chosen to craft nearly everything out of Titanium, which isn’t surprising considering two of the builders’ ties to Black Sheep Bikes. As the lead fabricator and co- owner, Todd has welded for Black Sheep for the past 10 years, while finish lead Paul had been with the company for 5 years. Now though, the three are setting off on their own moonlit journey where beautiful titanium fat bikes and more will be born…

mension_moonmen mensionExploded_moonmen

One of the signature bits of their first bike the #M00, is their Mension chain tensioner. Built into the chainstays, the clever design uses dual threaded couplers that unscrew and force the chainstays to extend. A set screw in the middle keeps them in place once the desired tension is reached. Because of the split chainstays belt drives can be used, and when paired with their splitter option, the #M00 can fit into a standard suitcase.

Said to be created with a heavy inspiration from the BMX bikes of their youth, #M00 is built with split top tubes and plate dropouts like were found on some of the early BMX bikes. A curved seat tube allows for short 17″ chainstays which brace the single speed drivetrain. Since Moonmen bikes are custom you can spec your bike with whatever standards you like but the first #M00 uses a 142×12 rear hub with a 100mm bottom bracket.

moonmen fork

Moonmen believe that the more titanium you have on your ride, the better, so the #M00 features a ti fork, seat post, stem, and handlebar. The #LupineFork uses a 1 1/8″ steerer with plate dropouts and a 15x135mm front hub. Other parts include the 30″ wide #MoonriserHandlebar which has a 4″ rise, and 18 degree sweep, and the #BuckeyeStem and #BoltSeatpost. Why all the hash tags? The company likes the idea of being able to search for everything Moonmen on social media, and when it comes to the bikes the numbers seem to represent custom creations rather than names.

moonmen bikes

Moonmen frames start at $3600.


  1. This is like, totally not even a sentence, brah:

    “Specifically the bikes that a group of friends ridden around the trails of Fort Collins, Colorado, often until they were joined by the moon’s light.”

    Try trying sometime.

  2. Zach, how much clearance around those Dillingers? Nuff room for Bud/Lou? Sure would be a sweet ride with a geared hub….

  3. @ Gah – don’t bother dude. Just look at the pictures. If anyone cared, the writing would’ve been better in the first place.

  4. I have a question about that #M00 chain tensioner. Is that just as stable as a solid chainstay? If you have it extended a bit, will it wobble? Seems like the threads could be kind of weak, but I don’t know anything about this sort of thing. Would enjoy hearing from someone with more knowledge.

    That being said, it reminds me a little of the tensioning system on the new Ibis Tranny 29 where the chainstay can be unlocked at the bottom bracket.

  5. Ditto what Superstantial said.
    That would be my only worry, that and where are all the pads?
    You remember, those don’t you? 😉

  6. The craftsmanship in titanium looks great and that chain tensioning scheme looks unique, clean and effective.
    I only question the use of titanium for that threaded connection. Ti-on-Ti threads tend to gall. Not what you want to deal with on your $3600 frame. I’d be wary of too many gearing changes and use plenty of anti-seize.

  7. This is a really cool unique looking frame. I think they did a good job linking their design inspiration into the final product.

  8. @rehsper, assuming they know what they’re doing they’ll put antisieze on the threads during production.
    You’ll just have to be careful to match the threads each side so your rear wheel is straight in the frame!

  9. Great to see another local builder. Beautiful bike and great ride pic of Shoreline. Now the question begs to be asked. Who’s left at BlackSheep besides James B?

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