Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (7)

Dr. Evil just wanted shark with freakin laser beams attached to their heads. If he picked up the new Purely Custom 3D fit plotter, he would still need the sharks. But lasers? Purely Custom’s newest fit tool has plenty of those. As a division of Seastrom Manufacturing Co. Inc., Purely Custom brings their aerospace and aviation machining experience to the bicycling world. While they started with various CNC bits with a custom touch (hence the name), Purely Custom has expanded into the world of professional fitting products used by some of the top fitters in the world.

The newest addition to their catalog makes measuring the exact location of any part on the bike a breeze…

Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (9)

Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (8) Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (6)

Using a wall mounted track, the 3D Fit Plotter can measure X, Y, and Z coordinates on any part of the bike with a 10th of a millimeter accuracy. Designed to be mounted to the wall of high end fit studios, the $2700 laser system includes the lasers, mounting assembly, and a Purely Custom wall graphic.

Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (10)

Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (5) Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (3)

Of course the 3D Fit Plotter will be more useful if you have the Purely Custom Fit Platorm. Designed to be used with the Purely Custom Fit Bike or any other trainer system, the Platform includes a scissor jack for simulating climbing, and has a built in electronics hatch for using with power based trainers or compu-trainers. The benefit for using the 3D Fit Plotter is that the platform can be rotated 360 degrees even with a rider on the bike. Fit Platform 360s retail for $1895 and can be custom branded with your shop’s logos and colors for $250.

Purely Custom Fit bikes are used by some of the best fitters around, and offer dynamic adjustment without the rider needing to get off the bike. Prices start at $8500 for the standard, and go up to $10,900 for the Fit Bike Pro which takes advantage of Purely Custom’s exclusive deal with Powerbahn. The trainer is able to react to rider input 1000 times a second meaning coasting feels like coasting, and climbing feels like climbing. Paraic McGlynn from CycloLogic tells us this results in a better fit thanks to more real world feel on the trainer. Purely Custom claims their fit bikes are among the most popular in the world with over 400 currently in use.

Not shown is Purely Custom’s new web based bike fit program. They previously offered an app, but the web based program takes advantage of remote storage and processing power to offer one of the most impressive fit programs we’ve seen. More details will be released later in the year but the program basically tells you exactly what bikes are in stock at a certain store that will fit you, and the position of the saddle, stem, spacers, etc to make it a perfect fit right off the bat. That’s a really simple explanation of the possibilities, but just know that any shop would benefit from the program.

Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (13)

Paraic also showed us the gebioMized saddle pressure mapping technology that he uses at CycloLogic, and distributes as well. The Pressure mapping cover slips over any saddle within reason and gives real time pressure mapping as you pedal. This is the same technology that companies like Specialized have used to develop new saddles, but is also very useful for individuals to pick out the right saddle for them. Cyclologic sells the system in the US for $6850.





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    You just have to stand back and admire the way sophisticated professional fit tools cost less than than the machines they spec out.


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