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Developed in collaboration with Team Sky, the New Protone helmet from KASK is the latest in a string of new aero road helmets to hit the market. This latest model sets itself apart from new entries from Giro, Bell, Smith, etc.., by having one of the lowest drag coefficients of any ventilated helmets, and among the fastest rate of heat dissipation.

Kast Protone Team Sky Helmet

This is the fifth year the two partners have worked together, and the fourth helmet they have produced from the collaboration.It weighs just 210g and uses a removable and washable inner liner from Coolmax, that has been treated using the Sanitized® antimicrobial process. A multi layer open cell construction and Octo Fit adjustment system allows it to fit any head comfortably.

Team Sky Protone Helmet  Side View

Image Credit: Scott Mitchell

According to Angelo Gotti, CEO of KASK:

“Pro cycling is about marginal gains and we’ve spent many months and countless hours examining data, rider-positional analysis and thermodynamic studies as well, of course, as listening to feedback from Team Sky to create our most advanced design yet.

“The Protone takes into account the riders’ posture and how they behave while riding, for example catering for the rider taking off their glasses and inserting them into the the helmet without increasing drag – in fact we’ve looked so deeply into the science to create and benchmark this helmet, we’ve named it after the Italian for the sub atomic particle, proton.”

The new helmet will be on display at Eurobike in August this year, and will be available in stores starting next year.

Via Team Sky


  1. Just picked up a Kask Vertigo helmet and love it. I’ve been Giro only for the last 20+ years and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the fit (comfy!) and especially, ventilation. It may just be my own perception, but I felt like the airflow over the top of my head was noticeably better and provided better cooling on a hot day. The only disappointment is that my glasses fit better on the Giro helmets when not worn.

  2. It is a marketing. Just buy what it fits your head the most and you look good on. You cannot win your stronger friends on the road by wearing an aero helmet.

  3. I also have the vertigo. The only gripe with Kask is that many brands of sunglasses interfere with their retention mechanism and don’t sit properly. I hope they have rectified this with the new helmet cause it looks awesome!!!

  4. @muddy: do you (or anyone else) have experiences with sunglass brands that do fit properly without interfering with the retention mechanism ? If so: which brands ?

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