northwave michelin bicycle shoe tire collaboration

We just received an invite to see a “revolutionary project by Northwave in collaboration with Michelin” to debut at Interbike Eurobike. At first, the image suggests tires, but the tread pattern is of the existing Wild Rock’R 2 Advanced. Then we noticed the itsy bitsy “soles” tucked underneath the Michelin logo. After all, Northwave is known for their kicks, not components, so we’re thinking some Michelin rubber may soon be glued to the bottom of Italian soles.

Perhaps an aggressive enduro shoe with grippy lugs? Or a cyclocross shoe that makes run ups a little less hairy? Both, hopefully! We’ll know soon, but if you’ve got a better concept, leave it in the comments.


  1. I remember something similar years ago.
    Hermida glued green Wildgripper threads on his road shoe soles for easy courses where walking was unlikely and the extra stifness of road shoes was a good addition.
    Though I think those shoes were Sidi instead of Northwave…

  2. Or…it’s a tyre with a shoe attached, cutting out the need for any drivechain…This could be the more likely solution.

  3. I had a pair of B.U.M. shoes in the early 90’s that had a sole cut from a used car tire. I loved those shoes, got 45,000+ miles out of them.

  4. I really hope this is the start of a trend that eliminates plastic lugs on mountain bike shoes. Plastic lugs are pretty much useless anywhere you actually need to walk with them.

  5. if you don’t want slippery plastic on the bottom of your mtn bike shoes, check out the Giro Terraduro and Specialized Rime – 2 great shoes with grippy durable Vibram rubber soles – they’ve both been available for a while.

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