schwalbe jumbo jim fat bike mountain bike tire

We spotted the new Schwalbe Jumbo Jim fat bike tire aboard the new Felt LEBOWSKe electric fat bike, and they say it’s the first appearance of the new tread.

Claimed weight is around 1,040g, which puts it on par or even under the weights of many 26″ downhill mountain bike tires. The tread pattern resembles Schwalbe’s Rocket Ron XC tire, but with a lot more space between the knobs. Sidewall markers indicate it’s got their Pace Star rubber compound for low rolling resistance and good durability. Underneath is the Evo carcass, which offers improved puncture and tear protection, combined with Lite Skin sidewalls. The latter is found more on their cyclocross and road tires and is a thinner, more supple sidewall used to save weight and offer a more compliant ride.

There’s nothing suggesting these are tubeless ready, though, but we suspect it’s a see what the market thinks move and more options may follow. Additional pics below…

schwalbe jumbo jim fat bike mountain bike tire

Size is 26×4.00.

schwalbe jumbo jim fat bike mountain bike tire


  1. As with nearly every other fatbike tire on the market, just because it’s not listed as “Tubeless Ready,” doesn’t mean that it’s not tubeless capable. I can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. It’s designed for an obsolete rim diameter. Should have been designed for 650B rims instead. It’s proven to be a much more versatile diameter. Not too big, not too small, and stiff enough for most riders. I usually need more rubber.

  3. shafty, are you being sarcastic or just not read a shred of the article? They are fat bike tires… all fat bikes are on 26″ wheels.

  4. So much stopid words, haha! This tire, it is the best for fatbike! We waited for Schwalbe long times, it is good they come with it 🙂 😀

    But….HANS DAMPF 26×5″ is next right!!!!! 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. New developments are nice and all, but on the skinnier side of things, the Schwalbe One tires are out of stock since last april here in the Netherlands. Lets get that show on the road first shall we.

    (Apperently only the tubeless versions are out of stock by the way)

  6. Husker Du’s are ~1300g. Missions can be up to ~1800g. No matter how you slice it, these bad boys are light. And yes, I am in line for a pair. I will take another 1.3lb off my fatty’s rotating mass with these.

    More cushion, less pushin’ (Paraphrasing Spinal Tap badly).

  7. Frustrating to see yet another company jump on board to the 3.8 – 4.0 market. There are SO many options at that size. With only Specialized Ground Control and Surly Bud / Lou in the 4.6/4.8 category – I can’t help but to think the first GOOD option at 5″ will sell in a serious fashion. Like Denny said – a Hans Dampf in 5″ would be absolutely FANTASTIC!

  8. 26×4.0 is going to be the most popular size for most people. The Salsa Bucksaw is tuned for 4.0 rubber on a 65mm rim. They found it saved weight, rounded out the tire profile, reduced autosteer and gave the best rolling dynamics. 5″ rubber is nice for uber floatation situations, but that’s for a “fat bike tire”. We’re about to enter a world where 4.0 is an “mtb tire”.

  9. Hi, new to the fatbike! I’m building a full carbon fatbike with 65mm carbon rims. Can I use 4.6″ tyres on my 65mm rims?

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