Pyle Audio, known for affordable home and  car stereo components are throwing their hat in the action sports ring with a HD camera aimed directly at the GoPro. Their eXpo HD action camera should provide high resolution photos and high quality video with premium features and a lot of include accessories at a price point that would normally have you reaching down at least to the second tier products from more established companies.

Have a jump past the break for more pics, tech info, pricing, and what is included when you buy.

Pyle_eXpo_HD_action_camera_GoPro_case Pyle_eXpo_HD_action_camera_display

The eXpo HD camera boasts a 20 mega pixel sensor, with adjustable ISO sensitivity settings from 100-1600, plus auto. Recording at 60,50,30, or 25 frames-per-second, the camera records video in either 1080p and/or 720p. Files are stored locally on removable Micro SD Card media, supporting up to a 32GB card (not included.) The camera features a 4X digital zoom and a motion detector recording function, which are controlled via a 2.0” invertible LCD touch screen display. The eXpo HD also includes a strap-on a Wi-Fi remote control to ease operation on the go. Pyle also has developed an eXpo app to enable  video and photo capture directly to your smartphone by WiFi.


The eXpo HD comes equipped with a variety of accessories including:

• a waterproof case with a GoPro style mount, safe to 190′
• multiple stick-on, strap-on, and clamp-on mounts and clips
• strap-on a Wi-Fi remote control
• a two-hour Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• a USB charging cable

The 2.6” (W) x 1.9” (H) x 1.3” (D) eXpo Hi-Speed HD Action Camera from Pyle is available in either  black or white for $250 directly from Pyle Audio.


  1. I’m just patiently waiting, with my money, for an action camera that addresses the stability needs for off road users. The solution could be the camera, the post processing, the mount, or any combination. In my opinion, which ever company can provide a truly stable recording will be the next to wear the crown, be it GoPro or newco.

  2. @Ryan, I’m with you on that. I have a lot of nice cyclocross footage from my GoPro that is at times unwatchable. With the secure mounting of the rigid K-Edge mounts, it is MUCH better though. Flex between the lens and the bike is super bad news for quality off road footage.

  3. It would be nice if someone would come out with one that has a longer battery life. 2 hours is just not long enough should be more like 4

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