By this point, Jens Voigt is essentially a household name in the world of cycling. Famous for his “shut up legs” and many other sound bites, the tenacious German even inspired a legion of followers under Team JVA. But as they say, all good things must come to an end and the pro peloton will be losing Jens’ charisma at the conclusion of the Colorado US Pro Challenge.

To commemorate the occasion and help Jens go out in style, Trek has put together the Jens Voigt Farewell Tour. A combination of special livery, team kit, shirts, and parties at the event, Jens’ final race looks to be a good one.

Get all the soul crushing details next…

TK14_WEB_Jens_V_Media_Product_image_lo-res_bikes2 TK14_WEB_Jens_V_Media_Product_image_lo-res2

No stranger to custom bikes from Trek, Jens’ final design definitely takes the cake. Finished with a Chrome look, the design took Trek’s Project One team over a week to complete. Fighter pilots get kill marks, Jens gets crushed soul marks. Covering the down tube are markings to commemorate all of the times Jens broke away and “got paid to hurt people.” Trek mentions that this is only a “conservative estimate.”

The bike also features a colorful top tube graphic that represents Jens’ family, his home, and his career.


TK14_WEB_Jens_V_Media_Product_image_lo-res7 TK14_WEB_Jens_V_Media_Product_image_lo-res4

Those graphics and style carry over into limited edition Bontrager gear including the Velocis helmet and XXX shoes. The Trek Race Shop Limited jersey and shorts bear the message ‘Farewell Fans!’ and ‘One Last Time’ on the back to salute fans as he rides off into the sunset.


Along with the special gear, Trek will have Jens Farewell Tour t-shirts available at the Aspen and Vail stages. These are also the stages that will host the Retirement parties. Follow along with the #Farewelljens tour on twitter, facebook, and instagram as well as the Trek Factory Racing website to get all the details.


  1. Clancy on

    Every single !:x&!#* time BikeRummor does a story, someone’s got to hike a leg on it. Trek squeezing every sponsorship dollar? Of course they are as does Nike, NASCAR, Dallas Cowboys, Johhny Football, Beyonce. Not the point of the story. Jens Voigt has had an illustrious career, easily one of the most popular riders, the public loves him, he is a true ambassador to the sport. He deserves the special recognition. It’s a nicely done bike and a fitting tribute. I’ll be watching him everyday during his last race. Nice job Trek.

  2. Matt on

    29 pro wins during the most heavily doped era in the history of professional cycling. #farewell Jens, you got away with it!

  3. badbikemechanicx on

    It’s a cool bike, but I have no idear who the hell this guy is. Perhaps I spend too much time on the trail, and not studying the pro road scene.

  4. Matt on

    Jens won the GC in ’04 at the Criterium International over, among others, Landis, Armstrong, and Hamilton. I’m not hating, I actually like the guy. But sometimes good people do bad things. I’m just not ready to believe that Voigt clean is faster than those guys dirty.

  5. Wut. on

    Funny, Trek is being accused of “squeez[ing] every last dollar of sponsorship” by painting a bike with the names of four other sponsors names on it.

  6. John on

    Great tribute. @badbikemechanicx, nobody gives a flying f*$@ that you don’t follow road racers (he’s one of the most famous of our era). If you don’t know who he is, and don’t care, shut up and move on. Nothing for you here. Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open your yapper and remove all doubt.

  7. Durianrider on

    With a career that long one would have to be pretty naive it was done on pasta, ketchup and clif gels.

    Ive ridden with a lot of pro riders in the last 10 years and Jens makes more of an effort to chat with fans than most.

    Cool looking bike and yes, pro cycling is corporate and cut throat as any pro sport but at least cycling is a sport that promotes commuting and cycle cities. Use the system to change the system.

    Every single one of us here rides product that was made famous by dopers.

  8. Champs on

    He “never saw anything” for a few decades, and if I’m soured on that now, I’m dying to know just how juicy that nothing is when he writes the book. I think it will disappoint. Germans will hate him. Brits will call for his head. He’d only be safe in countries that use the word soccer.


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