OK brands, pay attention. This is the zipper you need on your next generation of cycling jackets. It’s called MagZip and it works with one hand.

I’ve fumbled with cycling vest and jackets with one hand (in vain) while riding too many times to count, and I have an almost 100% failure rate. I’ve either ended pulling off to zip up a jacket or tried doing it with both hands off the bar, which is somehow much harder than it should be considering I can ride no handed just fine when I’m not trying to do anything with my hands. I’m sure I’m not alone.

The MagZip could solve all of that. It uses tiny neodymium magnets to pull the base of the zipper together and position it in perfect, closed alignment. Then, it can simply be pulled up with one hand. Brilliant, but it took quite few years to develop. Video and more below…

The MagZip will be featured in Under Armor’s Fall 2014 line up, and they’re the first company to jump on the innovation. We’re hoping more than one cycling apparel brand adopts the technology, too. And soon.


The MagZip was created by Scott Peters when he saw his uncle struggling with a zipper. His uncle suffered from a degenerative illness that affected hand strength and dexterity. After five years of prototyping and testing 27 iterations, the final version was created. The trick was the hook and catch shape of the base that allowed it to hold together and align itself for proper zipping.

Via FastCoDesign


  1. TheFunkyMonkey on

    Scott Peters has already made a boatload of money if UA is licensing it. Let’s just hope Scott didn’t sell the IP to UA or we can forget about this great technology trickling down… UA, like Specialized, squat on IP and hinder innovation – period.

  2. wallymann on

    i like the idea, but dont like having superfluous magnets about…strong magnetic fields screw with all sorts mechanical & electronic stuff.

  3. NASH on

    @wallymann, “Strong magnetic fields”, your having a laugh right? Don’t think this zip will be knocking out pace-makers any time soon.

  4. Nate on

    Won’t you still end up pulling the bottom of the jacket/jersey up with it? Part of the problem is that you need one hand to hold the bottom of the garment down while you zip it up.

    I guess if it fits snugly enough it could work but for something larger like a jacket I don’t see how it would fix the entire problem.

    If you wanted to make it really easy just do magnets all the way up so it just snaps together like that magic mesh thing on tv. (Joking)

  5. Mick on

    Interesting product, but it will need some refining to get it to work with soft hand outerwear (jerseys/shells/etc).
    It’s one thing to get the retainer to clasp, but the zipper’s inherent friction will cause many (lighweight) fabrics to bunch up if not under tension (why you hold the base of a tight fitting jersey while you zip up.
    So, while you can get the retainer to clasp single handed, you will fail to be able to pull the zipper up without creating tension along the zipper length.
    At this point, it looks like this is suited best for outerwear with enough fabric stiffness (or plackets) to provide stiffness for the zipper to function singlehanded.

  6. Equine Master on

    What @Nate said. The entire bottom of the jacket is going to come up with it. The key are those very first teeth; they need to be smooth as silk, otherwise we’ll be stuck where we’re at.

  7. hellbelly on

    This could be kinda neat-o, but as already mentioned holding the base of the jacket/jersey down is more of an issue. Under Armor? No thanx.

  8. Chill on

    I was trying to engineer this about a year and a half ago for cycling jerseys and jackets when I saw the add from Under Armor announcing their release. Realized I was about 3 years late with my idea.

  9. Kark on

    Agreed, that this doesn’t seem to be a one-handed zipper, but it does allow a gross motor control solution (or gloved hands) because it doesn’t require the dexterity and strength of fingers as current designs do.

    As such, this will be great for older persons, those with arthritis, and also for able persons with gloves and/or frozen fingers.


  10. groghunter on

    Huh, surprised there’s so much negativity. The placard fabric used at the edges of the zipper area on most jackets limits the amount of “rise” you get, & this zipper eliminates the other reason why you have hold the bottom down: the “non-drive side” of the zipper getting pulled up with the zipper driver & stopping the interlock from happening. I think there’s some underestimation going on here of which of those two problems is the dominant one in one handed zipping.

  11. Taylor on

    It would likely still take a both hands to get the two halves close enough if they are being blown about in the wind while riding.

  12. Ryan on

    This was an independent invention, purchased by Under Armour after seeing it at a show…could have been anyone but they were smart enough to pounce first.

  13. Drew Southern on


  14. i on

    @groghunter; no underestimation at all. Try it: get a zipper started with one hand, then let go and try to zip up a mostly open jacket without holding the bottom. Doesn’t work, you just pull the bottom of the jacket up with the zipper.
    Personally, I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t take both hands off the bar for the 3 seconds it takes to zipper a jacket, plus anyone with normal motor skills (i.e., control of all their fingers) can get a regular zipper started one-handed.

  15. groghunter on


    I have lots of jackets that work fine to zip, lower the zip, raise the zip, whatever, once they’re started. Don’t know anybody else who complains of the problem either.

    So I’m not sure why it’s such a problem for you.


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