Berlin-based 8bar bikes has just added a new frameset to their single speed portfolio. The FHAIN, named after the fashionable Friedrichshain district in Berlin, is an all aluminum addition to their made-to-order fixed gear/single speed bikes lineup.

Hop past the break for pricing and customization…


Check out their fun online Design-Your-Ride tool to customize their bikes and make sure that your bike is a one of a kind. They even have a sample gallery of many possible combinations to give you an idea where to start. The examples of the FHAIN customization haven’t made it onto the ‘featured rides’ grid yet, but you can click on a few samples below to jump to their bike builder and can fully customize the FHAIN from their Design-Your-Ride now.

8bar_FHAIN_customized_fixed_gear_bike_featured-ride-1 8bar_FHAIN_customized_fixed_gear_bike_featured-ride-4

8bar_FHAIN_customized_fixed_gear_bike_featured-ride-8 8bar_FHAIN_customized_fixed_gear_bike_featured-ride-7

The FHAIN uses the same double butted, aero 6061 aluminum frame as their most recent KRZBERG, but with a painted-to-match aluminum fork to bring the price down another €80. It is available in a very shiny gunmetal black or a 100-pc limited edition matte denim blue. The 8bar folks had some fun riding around their city hunting good hipster locales on a photo shoot, the results of which you can see in their online lookbook.


Framesets with headset and seat collar go for €368 (+€40 for limited edition paint), with complete bikes through their customizable bike builder from €888+ depending on your options. Everything is available for order now online direct, with just €25 shipping throughout Europe or €80 worldwide.

More frame details can be found on the framesets page, or through the online bike builder.



  1. Gillis on

    I sure this is a great thing and all, but I thought the whole fixie fad had died off? I don’t see nearly as many of them around as I used to.


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