Eleven Velo Ride Pouch Front

For those that follow The Rules, you know #29. For those that do not:

“Rule #29 – No European Posterior Man-Satchel. Saddle bags have no place on a road bike, and are only acceptable on mountain bikes in extreme cases.”

Eleven Velo and Waterfield Designs joined forces and come to the rescue with their new Ride Pouch. This beautiful leather case is designed to hold all of your goodies and fit nicely in a jersey pocket, freeing your bike of that eye sore that is the saddle bag.

Join us on the other side for the details.

Eleven Velo Ride Pouch Open

The folks at Eleven Velo are great at making cycling kits from merino wool. Leather isn’t exactly their forte however. So, when it came time to produce the Ride Pouch, they wisely teamed up with premium case designer and maker Waterfield Designs. Together, the two have produced a great solution that eliminates the need for your saddle bag.

The Ride Pouch exterior is made from a premium American leather. Inside it’s lined with neoprene. It has room to hold a spare tube, patch kit, two tire levers, CO2 cartridge, mini pump, multitool, cash, ID/Credit card, your cell phone, and I can even squeeze my keys in there. The Ride Pouch is assembled by Waterfield Designs at their San Francisco workshop.

Eleven Velo Ride Pouch Back

Between the leather, neoprene, and the see-through plastic cover, the Ride Pouch is weather resistant. On a dry day, the leather may pick up some moisture when in your pocket, but it dries fast and it will only help the distressed leather look even better over time.

The phone pocket is a great addition. It separates the phone from your other tools with a layer of neoprene. Smartphone touch screens are totally accessible via a clear plastic front cover. It fits the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy phones, and my personal Nexus 5 fits great. The side buttons for volume are harder to access, but it is doable. Rear camera use does require the removal of the phone.

The beauty of the Ride Pouch is that it slips into your jersey pocket and just seems to disappear. It only makes itself known when you hit a jarring bump, or really throw down an all out effort out of the saddle. Eleven Velo and Waterfield Designs have come up with a winner here. Toss one in your jersey pocket for $70 USD.


  1. Rich on

    I got one just this week – it really is awesome. I expected it to feel big in my jersey pocket but it isn’t at all. It really does seem to disappear. Great design.

  2. Durishin on

    “For those that follow The Rules, you know #29.”

    Wow! The Velominati have firmly insinuated themselves into American road cycling culture.

    Who would have thought, five years ago, that could really happen?

  3. Volsung on

    I like it when animals die to make my bicycling experience better, but I’m gonna keep my saddle bags. Revelate Designs should make a Bison hide viscacha.

  4. Antipodean_G on

    @Endurobob LOL, I like that, that’s funny. We’ve been making these, or the pre Waterfield Designs co-lab version, for years now, so we’ve sized them on what we feel is the perfect size.

  5. Ninox on

    Eurobob – Eleven velo are completely different to Rapha. They make a very small range of stuff designed for better cycling. When you call eleven velo you get the guy who designs the gear, and each piece is made to your order in a personalised friendly way. I’ve worn their bibs all winter down under and they are great.

  6. AndyPandy on

    I’m a man damn it! Screw the rules, I ride with 2 “bidons”, and I make my own out of a generic Ziploc freezer bag–cow free, hard core, and .05 cents!

  7. Nick Burklow on

    @toolbag – If you didn’t catch the tongue in cheek nature of the first paragraph then well, now you know. I still use a KingCage Cargo Cage on my commuter, decorate my road bike with lights for safety, and I even ride with hydration packs. Use what you want, when you want, and go ride your bike. The Ride Pouch is just one more option, and one I happen to really love in certain situations.

  8. anonymous on

    Can we stop citing the “rules”, quoting them, or otherwise even mentioning them?

    They are both stupid, and tongue-in-cheek satire and I’m sure lots of people are laughing at anyone who takes them even remotely seriously.

  9. Ajax on

    The sentiment from Volsung above (see comment much further above), while obviously sarcastic, is 100% spot on. I wear leather shoes, eat meat. I’m definitely not a vegan, but even I think it’s stupid to make this product out of leather instead of a fabric or canvas type of material.

    Making it out of leather only adds to the cost and weight. Certainly, it isn’t as washable as a fabric-type of material. There is also no need to slaughter animals for products like this. Totally unecessary.

  10. Nick Burklow on

    @John Hodges – You know, that one is so cartoonishly large, I think you get a free pass on “the rules” haha. In all seriousness, that would be great for bikepacking, or anyone commuting that wants to sub it in for a backpack.

  11. lonefrontranger on

    10x17cm or roughly 4×7″ means it won’t fit in the tiny, practically useless “pockets” they put in women’s jerseys, which means it’s still ziplocs for me!

  12. lonefrontranger on

    Antipodean_G – that’s awesome, sadly I’m stuck with whatever team issue kit our club uses, but I do appreciate your response. I mostly just order men’s smalls and tailor them to fit.

  13. paul mcmillan on

    Any chance you guys will make this in something other than leather? Worried about the added weight, and impact of sweaty long summer rides. Very interested, but hesitant due to the leather. Thanks, Paul M.


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