We were wander the halls of Eurobike this morning as companies were putting finishing touches on their stands and spied our friends at Challenge Tires. Leaned up against the wall was a new cross tubular tread that we didn’t recognize next to a Grifo and Limus. We got a quick pic and when we when back to look again the tire was put away. Apparently it isn’t ready for prime time yet, but looks like an exciting tire for the mud with some fast rolling tread in the center.

We’ll give you more info when it is available, and we’ll try to get a set in to review as soon as the production run lands.

Update. We stopped by today and got another couple shots for the new tire.The low-profile center knobs are said to be exceptional at shedding especially sticky mud.
And yes, it is called the Baby Limus.



  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that is isn’t “Baby Limus” but “Bapu Limus” – in honor of Ghandi, the great advocate of Passive Resistance – the easy rolling center is passive and won’t clog up while the knobs on the side offer resistance to sliding out. They must’ve read about how Ghandi was a fierce competitor on the nascent South African and Indian cyclocross scene before he became a statesman.

  2. You put at least 25,000% too much thought into that Superstantial.

    Anyway, I bet that new tread is great. Wonder how long it’ll stay attached to the casing of the tire?

  3. They look great.

    Just hope they can use the kind of glue that keeps the tread bonded to the carcass. Never has much luck with their previous versions.

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