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Standing out against the sea of marginal gains, concept bikes allow a company to flex their design muscle and dream up something wild. For BMC, the Impec Concept project was more than just creating a new bike as they wanted to really show off the capabilities of the Impec Advanced R&D Lab. As the same lab that puts out the woven carbon fiber used for the BMC Impec Road Bike, the facility is capable of turning out complete machines from concept to completion in record time.

When it came time to do something new, BMC’s engineers and designers tried to envision what a road bike would be in the future – and then built it. Using the advanced resources at their disposal, the Impec Concept came together in just 4 months with a few design features actually seeing real world testing on other bikes. Using modular integration the bike is built with  a basic structure designed for a number of add ons…

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While certainly not the first bike to use a single sided fork or swingarm, BMC says they imagined the design since reducing the frontal area as much as possible will reduce drag.

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Obviously the future is disc brake compatible, and the Impec concept is no different. The interesting part is the integration of the calipers into the frame and fork and the ram air scoops that force air into the rotors to cool them.

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The drivetrain concept takes the modular ideal up a notch. Consumers could purchase a drivetrain module of their choice and simply install it into the bike. Want different gearing? Just change the module.

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Aerodynamics were a big part of the design which is why the bike uses a twin spar stem and seat tube. The 70mm spaced stem spars drastically, and we do mean drastically, decreased the amount of turbulence coming off the front of the bike in CFD testing. In addition to being more aerodynamic, the widely spaced struts allow for an integrated stem that is extremely stiff.

bmc impec road bike concept (9)

bmc impec road bike concept (10)

Integration continues into the bars with advanced electronics elements. The saddle is a single piece without rails that is still adjustable and has actually been ridden on other bikes.

Ultimately the BMC Impec Concept is just that – a concept. But the project shows just what BMC is capable of, and in a very short period of time. Having the ability to design a product and then simply walk next door to check on the development is what the Advanced R&D Lab is all about. Well, that, and making amazing bikes.


  1. I’m sure bike companies would love drivetrains to be a sealed component that has be replaced all at once, even for a gearing change.

  2. You mean a carbon fiber chaincase. Retro

    If we’re talking about future bikes that violate UCI rules, it would look more like a Lotus or a recumbent.

  3. I think it’s pretty cool. They dreamed something up and made it because they could. Would any of you haters not ride this bike if given the opportunity? Shoot, I’d have it as a piece of art. It’s not meant to be practical. Don’t take this $hit so seriously y’all

  4. First of all, it is unridable.

    Second of all, no, you wouldn’t own it as just a piece of art if you had to pay a fraction of what it cost to make.

  5. It’s amazing concept. Love it. But they shoul made it with drone remote. Rider cause so much drag, or make some more aerodynamic men. 🙂

  6. Interesting difference between car and bike fans. Car fans love concept cars, even if they will never afford, or even ride one, even if you just can’t sit in without breaking your neck. Bike fans hate concept bikes. That is maybe why UCI rules still…. rule!

  7. all this sh*t means that Columbus tubing and campy mechanical gets cheaper. bring it on, bring it on. aluminum and mechanical till…I…die.

  8. I like the twin spar stem and seatpost design, and scoops to channel air onto the brake rotors is a pretty nifty idea as well! Good job, BMC!

  9. Like the Lamborghini Countach and Tom Selleck’s mustache, those sharp edges and aesthetics don’t age very well. It’s why the shape of a Porsche 911 is timeless.

  10. @someslowguy

    Thanks for the great pics!!!

    @Dr. Sartorious
    I’m with you on the 911 but I think this bike looks great, save for the underdeveloped drivetrain cover. Of course, I’m also a big fan of the Countach and the F-117 Nighthawk and cut gemstones, too.

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