scappa carbon ceramic brake rotors

Scappa is an Italian bicycle brand that makes frames and other carbon components. Their new Pagaso carbon ceramic disc brake rotors use a woven carbon body with ceramic inserts, which they say are both lighter and better than steel rotors.

The carbon resin is heat stable up to 280°C (536°F), and it stays cooler than a metal rotor. The ceramic inserts are for friction, to create a useable braking surface.

This 180mm came in at just 81g. But weight is only part of the story, they say it also provides of better braking…

They won’t stay pretty and white once you’ve started using them. Sintered pads are recommended, resin pads wear too quickly on them.

They’ve been available for about eight months and they say they’re selling them as fast as they can make them, currently back ordered about eight weeks. Retail is €280 (140mm) €300 (160mm) and €320 (180mm).

A 203mm is available, but they say the braking force is so strong that most forks can’t keep up and that it has to be run only with 36m stanchion forks. They don’t recommend downhill use because if you smash it on a rock, it’s toast.


  1. My Kettle Cycles carbon rotor experience verifies that the rotors do in fact stay cool – while the pads fry and fade! The rotor has to take some heat away.

  2. If you can spend 300 € on a disc brake rotor, I think the only problem you have is whether you’ll take your gelato in a waffle or a cone.
    No one would pay that much for an expendable part if he’s gonna put it to the hammer.

  3. This feels a little bit “because we can”. I concur Big Mike here. My 25buck 66g Ashimas have been going strong for years.

  4. My Kettle Cycles carbon rotor experience verifies that carbon ceramic rotors suck!!! Warpage, zero stopping power. I’m sticking w my IceTech rotors. Brakes are one of the most important components and I’m not going to compromise performance over small weight loss.

  5. Yep…same here, Ashima Worlds Lightest – 66g. Not a single tear if damages…just buy another one on ebay…and its actually $14.85/Free shipping.

  6. I jumped on the Kettle rotors one the C2 version came out. Have great stopping power and although they rub a tiny bit no other issues. They do go through pads a little faster but with the savings over a 180mm steel rotor they are worth it.

    I am always surprised so many people hate on them. I know the first batch had problems but you should expect growing pains on new tech and hopefully they take care of the kickstarters that got them off the ground.

  7. Many car racing organizations have banned carbon rotors because of the higb $$$$ cost. There is a certain point where a $10,000+ bicycle loses contact with reality ..

  8. @Chris: “growing pains” means being late to deliver or having logistical hangups. “Growing pains” are not selling tons of new product that doesn’t work. I too was burned with long wait times (understandable) and absolutely terrible performance (not acceptable) of Kettle Cycles.

    Speaking of: anyone want to buy a set of 160mm Kettle carbon rotors? Selling CHEAP!

  9. I’ve had a few customers bring carbon rotors in, already installed. Every time, they say “Oh yeah, they’re great! Stop just like my XTR rotors! So sweet!” Every time, it’s worse than a Huffy with a worn-out coaster brake.

    Emperor’s new clothes.

  10. in my understanding the breaking surface is just the ceramic!! and the carbon act here just like a spider. no breaking on carbon directly. and pure ceramic is a really great breaking surface. the price is absurd, but ensures, that not too much rotors are sold at the beginning 😉 the technology is highly interesting and has potential!

  11. I’ll wait and see if users actually can make them function.
    My Kettle rotors are having less braking power than rim brakes had 30 years ago.

  12. I have the c processed kettle rotors with there second generation pads and they work as Good as my formula r0 disc brakes with sintered pads on steel discs and last nearly as long,there first generation pads sucked worse than using v brakes on wet Rims but new pads are à 1000% improvement,and these discs are much cheaper if you go straight to the manufacturer £270 dollers 180 rotors

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