Light bike specialists Storck focused our attention heavily on two completely new bikes that they  introduced last week at Eurobike, with the new aero road race Aerfast and the disc-brake cyclocross T.I.X. Both bikes are a bit of a departure for the company who has been typically known for their lightweight, fast handling bikes, but is both a good indicator of a significant move by European producers towards these kinds of bikes, and a good example how lightweight and high performance can adapt in the aero road and cyclocross specialties.

Hop past the break for the lowdown on these two, plus 20th anniversary special editions, and 4 more new bikes!

Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_complete_studio Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_frameset_studio

The Aerfast is an all-purpose road racing bike with a goal towards eking out those precious extra seconds in a race to the line with a bit of an aero advantage. It builds on the Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping, which looks at maximizing the aerodynamic shape of all tubes taken in a horizontal cross section, that Storck uses in its Aernario time trial/triathlon family, and tweaks it to optimize aerodynamics in a bike you can ride all day. Its newly designed fork greatly increases stiffness vs. their previous aero attempts and is more integrated with the frame, for more control and less drag.

The rear end of the bike incorporates Storck’s aero-standard horizontal track ends to allow the gap between tire and seattube to be adjusted for max aero benefit, while allowing flexibility in tire selection. And a direct-mount rear brake has been integrated into the chainstays to further benefit aerodynamics. All this was done while keeping the bike under that magic aero bike threshold of 1kg. An interesting feature of the bike is that the seatpost, even though looking to be a proprietary aero shape, is actually fully compatible with a standard round 31.6 post. Storck simply makes an aerodynamic cover that slips over the post to clean up the frame’s lines, but the internal clamping is for a normal round post to add comfort and flexibility.

Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_track_ends_horizontal_dropouts Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_seatpost_binder Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_front_end

Design Features and Specs:

  • Full carbon frameset including Aerfast fork, integrated headset, and integrated seatpost clamp
  • Full carbon bearing seats: bottom bracket shell and headtube headset seats
  • Horizontal track ends to allow adjustment of the tire to frame gap
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger
  • Sectional aerodynamic design
  • Full internal cable routing for both braking and shifting
  • Shimano standard integrated direct-mount rear brake
  • PressFit 41 x 86.5mm BB
  • Integrated seatpost clamp for a standard round 31.6mm post
  • Electronic and mechanical compatible routing
  • Frame weight (small) from 950g

The Aerfast will be available as 4 complete bikes spec’d with Dura-Ace or Ultegra, mechanical or Di2(from €4498-€7698), or as a frameset only(€2999).


As part of a recognition of 20 years of bike building Storck is making most of their top level bikes available in a special edition version. These 20th Anniversary bikes will be made available in just 200 pieces per model, and will be available throughout 2015. The bikes get a unique top-of-the-line spec with some unique production parts such as Lightweight wheelsets.


Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_20th_anniversary_edition_selle_italia_SLS Storck_Aerfast_carbon_aero_road_bike_20th_anniversary_edition_bar_headtube Storck_20th_anniversary_edition_B&W_bike_travel_case

The bikes come in a special edition black and white paint scheme with a 20th Anniversary headbadge and include several special finishing touches. Unique custom 20th-labeled Selle Italia saddles and Storck’s own carbon bar get the anniversary treatment. One standout bit from the 20th Anniversary edition is a new 12kg bike.guard curv case custom made by B&W that uses a new light weight and extremely durable ‘curv’ composite material that was developed as a cooperative project and will be available to customers who buy one of the special edition bikes.


The all new T.I.X. (This Is Cross) is a ground up passion project of one of Storck’s design engineers. After more than a year of R&D the Storck team decided to finally produce what was an internal project, their first ever cyclocross bike, bringing experience from both their road and mountain bike sides. The result is an entirely carbon fiber disc-brake cross frame weighing just 940g. The tubing design is a complete shirt from Storck’s other bikes, but incorporates a lot of technology from both their top road and off-road bikes

The T.I.X was designed with what Storck call Directional Depending Stiffness, some thing unique to the cross bike. This looks at tailoring the carbon layups specifically for cross to give the frame exceptional torsional rigidity and handling, while providing a great level of comfort for rough terrain. To add more control the frame and fork both feature through axle designs, adding stiffness and improving handling. Storck opted for a less-is-more aesthetic by pushing all cable routing internal for mechanical and electric shifting as well as hydraulic brake lines.

Storck_T1X_carbon_disc_cyclocross_bike_rear_end Storck_T1X_carbon_disc_cyclocross_bike_front_end

One key feature of the new fork is a significant amount of designed-in flex to boost not just ride comfort, but even more so for the added traction and control associated with bump absorption. The fork is designed to flex in response to ground-up forces, but has been optimized to remain stiff under disc braking forces. Lateral stiffness is designed in as a highest priority to keep knife-like precision steering.

The bike has uniquely designed geometry for Storck, with a significantly longer head tube for a more upright position and to minimize spacer stack. A sloping toptube lends more seatpost extension for greater comfort and better standover for technical terrain and safer remounts.


Design Features and Specs:

  • Full carbon frameset including taper CX Disc fork, integrated headset, and seatpost clamp
  • Sloping toptube geometry and Oversize tubing construction
  • Full carbon bearing seats: bottom bracket shell and headtube headset seats
  • Front and rear through axles
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger
  • Full internal cable routing for both braking and shifting
  • Shimano standard integrated direct-mount rear brake
  • PressFit 41 x 86.5mm BB
  • Electronic and mechanical compatible routing
  • Frame weight (small) from 940g

The T.I.X. will be available as a complete bike with Ultegra mechanical (€3698) or Di2(€4498), or as a frameset only (€1799).

Storck_Scenero_Disc_carbon_road_bike_studio Storck_Visioner_CSL_carbon_road_bike_studio

Also of note, Storck has updated a lot more of their product line. The road line gets a new disc-brake version of their workhorse carbon endurance road bike – the Scenero Disc (€1700 framest), and a new lighter weight version of their entry-level carbon race bike the Visioner CSL (€2500 frameset). On the mountain bike side there is a new 120mm travel carbon 4-bar full suspension bike called the Adrenic (€2500 frameset), an evolved update of their Organic, and a new low-cost carbon hardtail called the Bandit 9 (€1200 frameset).

Storck_Adrenic_120mm_cabon_full-suspension_mountain_bike_studio Storck_Bandit_Nine_carbon_hardtail_mountain_bike_studio

Storck also has a completely new website where you can see more info about the bikes and the brand behind them.


  1. I really like the concept of letting you run any round post you want, & still getting an aero silhouette.

    That’s also a very nice looking cross bike.

  2. They used to be one of the most innovative brands around.
    Once the Decathlon thing came about, we noticed both build quality and design begin to falter.
    The last fascenario had internal cable routing that actually went between the bb shell and the pressfit bb giving the most awkward cabling I’ve seen. Add to this the ridiculous friction caused and we knew something was up.
    My visioner alloy frame was fantastic to ride but the design gremlins were once again at work. A full length front gear cable housing with no cable stop at the bb end meant the cable would work its way around the bb until it wouldn’t shift any more.
    The killer blow was the 2013 range in which we had 4 frame failures and Storck weren’t even interested in having them back for assessment.
    They’ve become a numbers brand and I for one find it a great shame.

  3. Storck is notoriously known for their crappy warranty handling. I have seen warranty cases rejected by Storck that virtually all other brands on the market would have approved. Also, the number of warranties were not exactly low, in relation to how few frames we sold.

  4. The new bike guard curv® case is literally the world’s lightest hard bike case. The weight above is wrong. Empty weight of the case, without wheel bags or accessory bags is 8.2 kg (18 lbs)!! This is made possible through the use of a self-reinforced Polypropylene (PP) material, which looks like woven carbon fiber. B&W has the exclusive rights to this curv® material world-wide for bike travel cases. Samsonite has the license for travel cases and uses it in their top-line models.
    Storck worked with B&W on the development of this case and has the exclusive rights to sell them in the German market. The case is available in white (Storck exclusive) and black. It is made at the B&W factory in Germany, not China.

  5. The nice white bike case you show above is the world’s lightest case at 8.2kg (18 lbs), due to the new self-reinforced PP material called curv®. It’s made in Germany at B&W’s factory.
    Storck is selling this exclusively in Germany, in white and black. It’s available worldwide from the B&W distributors. MSRP in the US is $890, Europe EUR 690.

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