prototype raleigh kodiak single pivot full suspension mountain bike

Following their introduction of their first modern full suspension mountain bike at Sea Otter, Raleigh is already working on the second model.

This one’s called the Kodiak and is a simple single pivot bike aimed at the entry level. It’s a formed alloy frame, with plenty of shaping at the pivot and yoke. Travel will be 120mm front and rear.

Word is it’s in production now and will be available by end of year. Jump in for more pics…

It’s a 650B bike, built for trail riding without any real maintenance hassle.

Pricing will be $1,100 to $1,600.


  1. Simple, reliable design and good price point. It will give a lot of entry-level riders years of fun riding it. (If it comes with different wheels.)

  2. I love how everyone says it’s a copy of another bike. But no one can agree as to what it’s a copy of. Guess what, a lot of bikes look alike!

  3. I am a long time single pivot fan having owned four of them over the years. They are easy to maintain and provide IMHO, 80% + of the performance of fancier suspension systems. They allow for a lower cost platform that is worth upgrading. Speaking of upgrades, single pivots with a high tunable shock like a CC Double Barrel perform as well if not better than some multi-link designs. The Kodiak like it’s Heckler/Bantam brethren will be a great trail bike.

  4. It’s a cross-brand model shared with Diamond Back. At this price point, I sure wouldn’t buy a linkage-based bike. Single pivot works well enough for beginners, and a lot of companies still sell high-end versions.

  5. Bikes like these are the counter to the $10,000+ machines that we’ve been seeing lately. This is good for consumers and smart for the industry.

  6. Looked at the spec and thank goodness… no CB wheels haha!

    not a bad bike for the money, most beginner/intermediate riders would have just as much fun on that so if that’s the price point that gets them riding, i’m all for it!

    And while I don’t hate on $5k-15k halo bikes (I sell ’em 🙂 ) I do think that decent full suspension options in the $1000-2000 are sorely lacking in the mt. bike industry and this lack may be slowing growth- especially in terms of getting kids riding, which is the future of our sport/hobby

    I’m glad it exists, trek needs to make something like this haha

  7. correction for dockboy, this is not the same as the diamondback. The frame has been reworked and is a total 2lbs lighter than the Diamondback recoil frame.

  8. @Dockboy “…Single pivot works well enough for beginners…” Ummm, I’ve been riding mtbs for over 20 years and SPs (still) work well enough for me too. Like @hellbelly said, they work 80%+ as well as a lot of multi pivots and when mated to a good shock as well and sometimes better. All without the multipivot fuss.

    Of course, it’s each to their own…

  9. I have a 2014 Raleigh 29r Talus and looking to upgrade to a full suspension on budget. Hoping for some reviews of this bike as I have barely seen any reviews of raleigh MTB around.

  10. I’d be on this if it was a 26.” One thing that irks me is Raleigh went entirely to 650b on their mtb’s. Also Raleigh’s website shows it with hydraulic discs. At this pricepoint I’d prefer mechanical discs. Prefer em anyway, easier to work on…

    But overall a nice bike that won’t bust the bank.

    What is interesting is the noted similarity to the Diamondback, as Raleigh and Diamondback are owned by the same co.

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