2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_0

If you’re a fan of hot rod culture or watching the TV show Overhaulin, then you might be interested in a new line of cruisers being designed by automative designer and fabricator Chip Foose.

The bicycles are still in the development stages, and they’re working on lowering pricing, but you can cruise past the break for more images of the new concepts…

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_4

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_5

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_1

A three speed internally geared hub is operated by a gas tank mounted shifter.

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_2

Chip’s signature adorns the bottom bracket.

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_3

The old school kickstand is a nice touch.

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_6

For production, the frame will see some tweaks in order to make it more comfortable when riding longer distances.

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_7

This cruiser was the other Chip-designed model on display.

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_9

It had custom pinstriping throughout.

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_8

All the frames were built in conjunction with Micargi Bicycles.


  1. Gary on

    I do not understand Dougal’s comment that they look like “the sort of thing you can buy in Walmart for $100”? I have never seen anything in Walmart like this.

  2. wako29 on

    I think these are cool, but you have to remember that they are not appealing to us riders that are likely on this site. If it gets more people on bikes then I don’t care what it looks like.

    Still, any word on ballpark pricing? What will distribution look like?

  3. Mr. P on

    I love those bikes except the fake gas tank. It’s a freakin bike. If you are going to go for design aesthetics, then use the visual language correctly. With that tank it looks like; “fake motorcycle”.

    Double up the top tubes for implied reference instead of going so corn ball. Or perhaps just go all the way and throw in a fake motor.

    (Wow. I guess I don’t like that gas tank… lol)


  4. anonymous on

    The loop of the frame at the bottom says fake motorcycle. They used to build frames like that so they could put the crank case there instead of the bottom bracket.

  5. Padrote on

    Foose is a legit hack whose work is celebrated by those who aren’t actually aware of it, but think the ZZ Top Eliminator is the pinnacle of industrial design.

  6. basman33 on

    Proud that he incorporated some of my signature design elements when it comes to bicycle design but very very disappointed that he teamed up with those thiefs at Micargi.

  7. ANIMAL on

    Michargi? Too bad. would like to see him with a more respectable company.ould you imagain how much they would be from, Electra, Nirve or Felt? Now a days, everyone is owned by someone else and quality suffers along with price value. God Bless.

  8. Mike Chiavetta on

    Very cool. Saw Chip and his son at a motorcycle bike
    show at Lyons Museum gathering and he was admiring
    all involved with two wheels. My board-track barnfind Henderson motorbike
    was there and id like to think it was a little inspirational.
    Very nice Chip, just a little too shiny for me.


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