FSA Direct Mount Aero Road Brake0

While it seems that every new road bike released now has a disc brake variant, caliper models are on the whole still lighter, and with the introduction of Shimano’s new(ish) direct mount standard – they’re even better than ever.

Aside from the Japanese manufacturer, only a few other companies have released direct mount road calipers, and FSA has a new option that appears to be almost ready for production. They’re still some months out so details are scarce, but drop past the break to see what we know.

FSA Direct Mount Aero Road Brake2

Under the rubber cap, there are two bolts. The upper bolt is a centering bolt, while the lower is for cable fixing.

FSA Direct Mount Aero Road Brake4

The brakes will utilize a roller cam system, with a wedge that can be angled to fine tune performance.

FSA Direct Mount Aero Road Brake3

This new brake is more aero than existing models because it does not add any additional frontal area.

FSA Direct Mount Aero Road Brake1

The front brake pictured here has a quick release (which was 3D printed) and an inline adjuster.

FSA Triathlon Hydration System_0

On display at the booth was a new hydration system from Vision that is targeted towards the triathlete market. The company had no details regarding weight, release date, price, etc…

FSA Triathlon Hydration System_1

The top cap is compatible with any water bottle and has an aero front profile. A handle extends outward, where athletes can mount their cycling computer. This location allows them to stay in the aero position while still tracking data.

FSA Triathlon Hydration System_2

A fill port in front allows the bottle to be either refilled from a spicket or another water bottle.

FSA Triathlon Hydration System_3

The entire system mounts easily via velcro straps. We’ll keep you updated as we receive more info.



  1. Terry seriously, they are at IB reporting things they see while at IB. Typing up articles when they get a second to sit, while eating lunch or at night. I would much rather see them cover more cool sh*t than worry about every little typo. Cut them some slack, you are on BR to check out new cool stuff for BICYCLES. I will say it again, BICYCLES… Let it go, don’t take yourself so seriously and enjoy the latest and greatest stuff you don’t get to see in person!

  2. Andy and Terry – there are actually fewer typos, I think, than normal. Maybe Saris should always post while sitting for only a second or eating lunch or whatever.

    That being said, I was hoping to see brakes combined with a hydration system when I read the title . . . now that’s innovation!

  3. Forget the Delta, looks more like a modern version of the Modolo Kronos (a brake that makes the Delta look downright common place!) Hopefully it works better than the Kronos though that wouldn’t be too much of an accomplishment.

  4. triathlon hydration systems are created in lieu of bike handling skills and for the sheer pleasure of bike mechanics worldwide in hopes of fighting thru more layers of disgusting goop to free seized controls.

  5. I was thinking the brakes were the unholy spawn off a Campy Delta and Odyssey Pitbull (BMX). Though I guess I don’t know what the Delta brakes looked like on the inside.

    On an unrelated note, were IB and EB closer this year than in the past? LMGTFY, blah, blah…

  6. Those brakes are the latest in a long line of movable cam brakes. Let’s review (please add any that were missed)
    Modolo Kronos (looked great, not even good for mild speed control)
    Campy Delta (a great way to build Popeye forarms, but not slow your bike)
    Suntour RollerCam (if you got it set up right, worked pretty well till the pads wore and they had to be readjusted)
    Odyssey Pitbull (I’d never heard of these before, apparently people liked them)

    So maybe there’s hope for these, but based on all the previous design failures, probably not.

  7. Also my vanity wishes they didn’t put the rubber plug there and just made you take off the face plate/brake booster/aero fairing to do adjustments.

  8. @NotAMachinist: Don’t forget the (in fact superb) WTB Rollercams. When set up right, they were one of the best rim brakes ever made. But yes, the chances of success are low when you see how many times this design has been used and with what results.

  9. Don’t forget the cam-action integrated brakes on Trek’s Speed Concept tri bikes. Same concept, except proprietary and integrated. 1st gen SC brakes were not fun to set up and adjust…

  10. Dr. Sartorious, it’s been known for years that even a run of the mill bottle between the arms is more aero than having nothing there. Google it.

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