Hector Picard is an athlete. He has participated in 4 Ironmans and is a competitive triathlete. He’s also a double amputee. Yet those physical limitations have never kept him from kicking ass and taking names.

A few months ago Hector came onto my radar when he filmed a YouTube video demonstrating how he changes tires with only his feet. He had to learn the technique so he could race, but was using it in this case so that he could pedal unsupported cross country to raise funds for a child whose parents couldn’t afford prosthetics.

I spotted him outside of the Mandalay Convention Hall as the Interbike tradeshow was closing for the evening and asked if I could snap a few pictures of his bike. Take a closer look at his custom setup after the break.

Hector chooses not to ride with a prosthetic, so he slips his left arm into a PVC sleeve.


Di2 shifter pods are mounted to an upturned road bar.


This enables Hector to shift using his shoulder without leaving an aero position.


Tucked inside the front triangle is the hydration system.


Both the front and rear brakes are operated by a single lever. They’re setup using a double cam actuated lever, so that the front brake begins grabbing before the rear.


Dual cages in the back for extra hydration….


…and Zipp Carbon wheels for zoom zoom.


Learn more about Hector and support his journey at Don’t Stop Living.


  1. An inspriation to anyone.

    Do you know if there are any geometry changes (trail/rake/etc…) to enhance front end stability? I’m sure one gets used to it, but I’d probably be pretty twitchy on my road bike steering with my upper arm leaning on the bars in the full aero position that close to the stem.

  2. I remember seeing the video as well. Seeing that seemingly 50% of the kids in the WBP have no idea how to change a flat even with two hands, two feet is all the more impressive.

  3. Never before have I commented on BR. Until now. This man is absolutely the biggest Mcdaddy of anyone I know. What a genuine hero. Puts the sentence “I really NEED that new bike” in perspective, don’t you agree? Man, this guys puts more in perspective than M.C. Esscher ever has.

  4. I rode the last 90 miles with him from Pullman, WA to Spokane, WA when he made that cross country trip. I could barely keep up. The bike that he was using at the time was one that had to be quickly modified since his other one was stolen a week or two before he started the trip.

  5. Hector lives nearby and sometimes rides with us. Great guy, really inspirational. He pretty much eliminates any excuse we have to not ride (rain, not feeling it etc). Just an all around nice guy and a great rider!

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