The cycling industry is notoriously full of very passionate entrepreneurs, which can lead to some excellent ideas that may just not have the funding to see the light of day. Crowdsourcing, or attaining funding from a large pool of small investors has been a great injector to the ingenuity of the tech and design world, with Kickstarter leading the way as a web-based resource for inventors to show their ideas and have people contribute money to their project. We’ve covered plenty of them, like when industry vet Steve Domahidy using it to successfully fund his namesake brand back in March, and here are four more ideas…

SEATYLOCK (Kickstarter) is a bicycle seat and a lock in one product. Already winning a “Staff Pick” award from Kickstarter, and exceeding their funding goal, this project is moving ahead. SEATYLOCK is a saddle that turns into a 1 meter long lock, and also alleviates the problem of saddle theft, since the saddle is the lock. The saddle is available in a large range of colors and two sizes, Trekking and Comfort.

TALON (Kickstarter) is a rigid yet adjustable GoPro mounting system that works with bicycles, canoes, and other items. It uses a quick-release style attachment that opens up, allowing for easy mounting to a variety of round tubes or bars and easy adjustment once mounted. Time’s limited on this one, less than a day to go as of this post.

LEAOS (Indiegogo) is the first solar-charging E-bike. With a lofty funding goal of $190,000, this bike has it all: integrated battery, smartphone control, carbon fiber construction and integrated photovoltaic panels. With a price of $7,990 for the bike during this campaign, there are also several other items to help fund it at a less costly level.

The Conation Collective (Kickstarter) is looking to create a mountain bike apparel line that is sourced from the world, Made in the USA. The line will be starting out with 8 peices, and has less than a day to go to reach the funding goal.


  1. Hate to be the guy that brings the hate, but pretty much everything here already exists, but is executed better.

    For the seat lock, why not just get an abus bordo folding lock? Attaches to the frame solidly, is probably stronger, AND lets you ride your own saddle of choice….with less moving parts.

    For the gopro mount, why not just get a k-edge mount? Way less bulky.

    For the ebike, well….I don’t think I really need to offer much opinion on that thing at 8k. PLENTY of tried and true, awesome city ebikes out there that get it done for less.

    For the clothing line….well….aren’t there hundreds of options already out there for something mute in color, or vibrant plaid?

  2. tbh the clippable mount is nice, if its lightweight/sturdy/etc like the k-edge. I have a k-edge. Its good. would be better if i could remove it without a tool tho 🙂

  3. @Michael/BMW — what if you want a different GoPro view? I don’t see any K-Edge mount that offers this amount of adjustability…correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. @B: Careful there…yes there are designs that fall short. There are designs that I cringe looking at. But those designs that are successful, they had to be “designed” by someone. Maybe have a little consideration before bashing an entire group of people.

  5. B, if the defining characteristics of teachers is that they can’t “do,” and the defining characteristic of designers is they can’t teach, what’s the defining characteristic of people that anonymously post negativity to internet comment sections?

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