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The Carrera Folding helmet is modern as it is retro. Inspired by the old leather “hairnets,” the design fuses modern helmet technology with a flexible core allowing the helmet to “fold.” While it doesn’t really fold, it does compress to about 80% of the full size allowing it to fit more easily in bags, lockers, etc.

In addition to adding new colors for the coming year, Carrera has teamed up with Brooks to offer two special collaboration projects – the J.B. Special and the J.B. Classic. Built on the Carrera folding platform but with classic Brooks touches, the helmets will certainly appeal to anyone perched on the rivets of a leather saddle…

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Offered in two Brooks versions named after the bounder of the company John Boultbee, the J.B. Special would be considered the premium version with special weather-proof textiles on one of the lobes. All of the helmets include a Brooks leather carrying strap that keeps the helmet collapsed when not in use and doubles as a strap for your pant leg while riding.

carrera_helmet_green_-_open_w375_h275_vamiddle_jc95 carrera_helmet_grape_-_open_w375_h275_vamiddle_jc95

carrera_helmet_tweed_-_open_1_w375_h275_vamiddle_jc95Immagini 1069

The J.B. Special is available in 4 colors and 2 sizes (Medium 55 – 58 cm and Large 58 – 61 cm) for 170 Euros.

carrera brooks 2carrera brooks 3



The J.B. Classic Edition is a simpler version with solid shell colors but still offering the leather accents worthy of the Brooks name. The Classic is available in 3 colors and in the M and L sizes for 150 Euro. Both helmets weigh in at a claimed 330g and include EN 1078 and CPSC certifications which does not include Australia.

carrera helmets special edition (2)

carrera helmets special edition (3) carrera helmets special edition (1)

On the Carrera side, the company is still offering 7 standard colors as well as 3 premium colors, but they introduced a new camouflage line at Eurobike. We’re not sure camouflage is the best thing to be seen while cycling on the streets, but that’s why they also offer the hi-viz Lime. At least the white/camo version is pretty visible.


  1. These are rather beautiful helmets, def something different. I Do wonder about flexible in this application though but haven’t done enough research to say one way or the other.

  2. Does the helmet lock on the open position? Does it matter if it doesn’t? I’ve never thought of this before, but it passes all the tests, so it’s something engineers have pondered.

  3. I gather some of the photos show the helmets “folded”, which doesn’t appear to provide much space saving. And it makes me wonder if the folding compromises drying when commuting in wet weather… I think I’d prefer to see something actually useful, like embedding LEDs (white flasher in the front, red in the rear) and/or reflective material.

    Also: safety > fashion

  4. @Tim

    If it doesn’t appeal to you, keep your comment to yourself. As for me, something new for vintage bike riders or SS riders.

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