Judging by the number of friends who show up to the trail head with bikes on the back of their Jeep, it’s probably safe to assume that the two go hand in hand. The connection with mountain bikes is also why J Robert Marketing chose a 2014 Jeep Wrangler for their Project Trail Seeker. The concept was simple – design what you would consider to be the ultimate rolling base camp for your next mountain bike adventure.

According to Jhan Dophin of J Robert Marketing, the nearly 200 responses they received varied from “I can’t believe how well thought out this is,” to ” are you nuts?” After they finished going through the submitted ideas, the team set out to put together a jeep that was not only the perfect mountain biking companion, but also included as many American made products as possible. While J Robert Marketing represents a number of automotive parts and accessories brands like Bushwacker, Line-X, SuperWinch and more, they also sought out American bike brands like Turner Bicycles, Park Tool, and Yakima Racks.

The end result is one bad ass Jeep with storage for all your tools, bikes, and gear to get you to the trail…

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (9)

While discussing the project with Jhan, we were told that most of the accessories on the Trail Seeker Jeep were readily available, meaning you could build up the same Jeep without having to custom fabricate any components. So if you’re liking the looks of that TruckVault pull out tool tray above stuffed with Park and Snap On Tools, your Jeep is just a few bolts away.

To make it the perfect remote bike maintenance camp the Jeep also features an on-board air system by Hadley and storage for all the necessary ProGold fluids. Unfold the Park Tool repair stand and you should be set for most trail side bicycle repairs.

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (7)

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (8) Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (2)

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (6)

The Jeep itself ends up a very capable off roader with Nitto 35″ Trail Grappler tires on ATX Ravine Design 17″ wheels, and JKS 3.5″ JSpec Suspension. Additional modifications include custom paint and graphics by CPV Paint and Graphics, suspension work by Attitude Performance, a TruckMaster Designs Cowl Induction hood, Bushwacker Pocket Style fender flares, Line-X protective coating, and Hammerhead Armor custom bumpers and sidesteps. KC HiLites LED lighting should help illuminate the surroundings if you have to break out the SuperWinch Talon to get yourself out of trouble.

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (5)

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (4) Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (3)

The interior hasn’t been forgotten as illustrated by the Turner head badge on the dash. What Turner owner wouldn’t want that!? We’ll have to assume the Katzkin leather upgrades on the seat are impervious to mud and wet chamois. The Grabar handles will help you climb in over the enlarged wheels and tires, while the MB Quart custom sound system will make the trek to the next trail a little more fun. The few remaining additions come from Volant, Drake Products, Daystar, and RARE Parts.

Trail Seeker Jeep Turner bikes SEMA (1)

First unveiled at the SEMA show, the Trail Seeker Jeep will be making its way around the US including future stops at the Wisconsin and Michigan Off Road Series and larger car shows and events. Typically producing 1-2 themed project cars each year, this was J Robert’s first attempt at a mountain bike themed project which Jhan said they really enjoyed being mountain bikers themselves.



  1. my lifted Honda Element is 100x more an “ideal mtn bike transporter” than this ridiculous, carnival-painted piece of cr@p.

  2. I’d have to agree with sgt stiglitz, my stock Tacoma easily carries 6 bikes over the tailgate with no rack, and my tool box takes up much less space than that pull out drawer too. Looks cool though!

  3. Does it come with a turner? That is the only reason to have the ht badge on the dash. Even then…Its okay because this is a complete failure anyways, there are 4 seats and only two bike positions. Its all about sharing the cost of gas and im sure that thing is not easy on the gas as it is.

  4. This is simply product placement for Jeep in the MTB space. Take it for what is is and enjoy…I think we get more out of the discussion of it than the rig itself. For me I’d have a Toyota product (like my 4Runner) with a Kuat.

  5. That is pretty stylin’, but the exhaust tips pointing straight out to the bike’s $$$$ carbon rims and $$ tires, does not quite fit the “completely thought out”.

    Some have already figured out the Sprinter van as the ultimate mountain bike vehicle, and with really interesting FUNCTIONAL interior features.


  6. as noted..
    everything about this is cool except the LAME A** rack choice.
    That crappy (all spare tire racks are crappy) rack barely fits 2 bikes if you smash them into each other – and I have sold and installed almost all varieties of these. They suck.

    A proper hitch rack with room for friends. C’mon guys… it’s a Jeep that easily fits a 2″ receiver and nearly any hitch rack you want.

  7. Agreed, 2-bike dangler bike rack kills it. Tacoma with kuat 4 bike hitch carry instantly beats this setup and is way more reliable than any Chrysler product.

  8. Yakima, Thule or Kuat trailer hitch (deleted)…likin that tool tray though…I could store my headset tools in there too for those pre-ride safety meetings.

  9. My ideal transportation vehicle stores my bike INSIDE. That is a pretty cool Jeep for what it is though, and it would match my bike very well.

  10. The bike is clamped in the work stand with drive side facing in. Clearly that guy is not a mechanic. But then again owning anything as expensive as that jeep is probably a clear indicator that the owner is not a bike mechanic…

  11. The guys all commenting on the Toyotas being so reliable, unintended acceleration much? The car is reliable but their largest source of failure is a killer, but hey otherwise it’s great and I got a good deal. Then we have the Takata/Honda airbag coverup. Japanese cars are no better than anything else, don’t be delusional. They all source to the same supply base, OEMs are largely just vehicle assemblers in today’s world.

  12. Ok, so obviously no one involved rides or knows anything about bikes other than Turners are expensive. But then again, customizing Jeeps is mostly an exercise in letting the world know just how tiny one’s peepee is and how insecure they are about it.

    I can’t believe the Turner newsletter featured this. If I were Dave, I’d be ashamed to be associated with it.

  13. The second you leave that in a trail-head car park someone’s going to break in and try and steal things. The stuff might be locked away in there but you’ll still be going home with a broken window and a soggy seat from all the rain coming in.

  14. I think what they’re going for with the aforementioned questionable rack choice was ground clearance as it gets the bikes further away from the ground than a hitch rack. I’m not defending it as you could get a similar effect with a gooseneck hitch adapter. Wranglers have no interior storage so that ridiculous tool tray is about the best they could do with a rehashed 1940 layout.
    And yeah, any Toyota would be better trail vehicle- even a RAV4.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jeep at a trailhead. Pickups (Toyota, old Ford Rangers, etc) and Subarus dominate that particular segment.

  16. Glad I wasn’t the first person to (metaphorically) spit coffee at the screen when seeing a dangler rack. By FAR the easiest way to lose a bike off the back of a vehicle on the freeway(if every story I’ve ever heard about having that happen is any indication.)

    The point about one-up USA is super valid too. American company(check) makes quality racks(check, love mine BTW) & if they were set on not having to take bikes off to open the back gate, I’m absolutely certain One-Up would do some fabrication to make that happen as a one-off, because the advertisement value is worth it.

  17. “Their hearts are in the correct place, but the execution is way off.”

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    Besides, MTB’s can get places this Jeep can only dream of. They just won’t admit it.

  18. Yep, it is one of the few vehicles that can easily take 2 bikes inside standing up, with room to spare for junk. One would think that would be criteria #1 for a cycling vehicle.

    That Toyo seems neat (like a practical FJ w/ more visibility). Sadly, Americans seem to hate space efficient vehicle designs so I won’t hold my breath.

  19. My dream vehicle: A VW Westfalia Vanagon camper body mounted/melded onto
    a Toyota 4WD Tacoma or Tundra chasis.

    Please make it now.

  20. This whole thing is such a pose! Right down to the woman turning awkwardly to look for a tool just so we don’t miss the fashion mag leg angle!

  21. Best guess on the sub-optimal rack is that they are marketers who thought the great big spare tire was cooler looking than a good receiver mounted tray rack, plus they squandered the opportunity to do something interesting with the slantback body like putting the spare up there prerunner style to free up the rear bumper for a better rack or angling the tire and putting a Draftmaster style tray rack on the back.
    Sprinter vans are a cool and practical solution, except for 2 issues, they are stupidly expensive and are apparently a 50/50 proposition for reliability being either very good, or endless money pits. I’m curious to see how the Ford Transit and Ram Promaster pan out since since these outsell the Sprinter in many markets and could be both cheaper and more reliable.

  22. “project attention seeker”
    if i were rich, id aim for a Mercedes R63 AMG, and try to fit the bikes inside with minimal wheel removal. cuz sometimes you need to get to the trailhead in a hurry with a bunch of your friends.

  23. Did someone say lifted Honda Element.!?!?
    I wouldn’t be announcing that to the world!
    They stopped making it for a reason broheim.

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