DFENDER Final Proof

The more we ride, the more fenders like the new D.FENDER seem like a great idea for year ’round riding. Currently one of the few fenders designed specifically for fat bikes that is actually shipping, D.FENDER boasts all of the benefits of similar designs. The minimal design provides just enough spray coverage to keep your fork seals, lower headset, and eyes/glasses/goggles clean, but adds hardly any weight and easy attaches to the fork.

Designed and developed by Jarrod Bunk of City Cycle Supply, D.FENDER is laser cut from temperature resistant Lexan plastic and fit specifically for the RockShox Bluto suspension fork. After beginning testing in July of this year, the fender is finally shipping to customers after 11 revisions in the design. According to Jarrod, the made in the USA aspect is important for all of the D.FENDER products so it took some time to find someone to cut and screen print the fenders locally.

As the original D.FENDER are rolling off the production line and shipping to customers, Jarrod is also introducing two more fenders that should keep the rigid fat bike riders clean and happy…




Similar to most fenders of the type, D.FENDER will easily attach to the Bluto with 5 zip ties, 3 on the fork arch, and one on each lower leg below the seal. The coverage should be just enough to keep the sensitive parts of your fork clean, while cutting down on the spray coming off the front wheel. As shown, D.FENDER will clear a Surly Bud 4.8″ tire.


IMG_3367 IMG_3366-1

Not running a Bluto but still want to cut down on spray without going to a full sized fender? Jarrod has also created the D.FENDER Version R for rigid. Cut to fit rigid 29+ or fat bike forks, the Version R is available for pre-order with fenders shipping around the first of the year. As an incentive, Jarrod was nice enough to provide Bikerumor readers a code for 7%  pre-orders of the Version R, just type in code BIKERUMOR on check out.

The third D.FENDER model is called the Driver. This little guy has been modified to fit between your fat bike’s chainstays to keep mud, snow, and slush from accumulating on your frame or your drivetrain up front. The Driver will likely be the last model to ship after the D.FENDER and Version R are out the door.

Photo c. Rick Borrell
All photos c. Jarrod Bunk

Want a D.FENDER for your bluto? The Stealth or all black model is shipping now for $15. Screen printed D.FENDERS are shipping out by the end of the week which also sell for $15. While you’re at it, you can pick up one of Jarrod’s screen printed in the USA T-shirt appropriately worded, “Bro do you even Fat bike?”




  1. Well I don’t want to be all Star Trek Logical Spock…but the rigid prototype that I’ve been running on my MukLuk, keeps the spray off my face, and more importantly off my Revelate Feed Bags where I put my bottles. It has also cut down on the snow and other messy stuff off my Salsa Anything Cage and Trail Pump, for my testing thus far,it is not logical to think these fenders (the rigid versions) are illogical at all. Ride Long and Prosper my friend!

  2. that makes sense. I always thought shallow fenders were only to stop excess mud buildup on stanchions. Thanks Spock for proving my instincts are once again misguided

  3. I note with irony that last week’s canadian shown version of this idea was met with criticism but this week its american made and poof perfectly fine to have copied Mucky Nutz.

  4. Very interested to see what the chainstay guard will look like and how that will work on multiple frames. I know mud packs like crazy on mine.

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