We hope most of you are getting outside for a ride today instead of sitting in front of your computer, but if you’re stuck at the shop, office, or department store against your will motivation for your next ride is always good. For us, Danny MacAskill’s videos are always inspiring to get out there, have fun, and try new lines. First we have GoPro capturing Danny taking a bike where no bike has been before in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Next, the Drop and Roll Tour takes on the Alpe Adria Trail, a 750km hiking trail through Austria, Slovenia, and Italy…

From FVGlive:

During the Drop and Roll Tour, Danny MacAskill and his team visited some of the highlights along the Alpe Adria Trail, a path designed exclusively for hikers and not accessible by bikes. The team had to be incredibly creative and ride whatever they could find along the 750 km hiking trail, which leads from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.


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