The new 2015 Cannondale Garmin Pro Cycling Team will be hosting a team launch on Wednesday, January 7th at the IAC building in NYC. So that we can all join in, the entire thing will be covered online starting at 8:35 Eastern Standard Time.

The team is the result of the Slipstream-Garmin and Cannondale pro teams joining forces, and have already announced the roster of the 27 member team. Jonathan Vaughters will be heading up the team as CEO, and will be representing the team at the launch on Wednesday. From the previous Slipstream-Garmin team, Ryder Hesjedal, Tom Danielson, Dan Martin and Andrew Talansky are on board with Cannondale Garmin, and Ted King, Kristjian Koren, Davide Formolo and Moreno Moser are from the previous Cannondale team.

The live-stream of the presentation will allow fans from around the world to watch the introduction of the team into the 2015 season. The live online coverage will have the unveiling of the team’s official 2015 kit, being hyped around the internet as a green argyle design.
Watch the presentation at


  1. When they announced the “merger”, I wondered how there were going to square Garmin-blue against Cannondale-green. Seems like the guys in Quebec won the coin toss…

  2. Hey John,
    please note that the team name is Cannondale / Garmin….not Garmin / Cannondale.
    No color arguments or coin toss needed, money talks.

    yours truly,

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