Introduced last year at Sea Otter as sort of a budget version of Scapin’s high end, custom Ivor, the Anouk was a good looking bike in black, red, white, and grey. Compared to the new black on black version though? They almost look like two completely different bikes.

While the Anouk does away with the custom touches found on the Ivor, you are still getting a beautiful monococque frame laid in UD Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber. Available in two color options with both hand painted in Italy, the Anouk is available in 16 different build configurations to fit your budget – starting at just $2,849…


As one of the first black on black Anouks in North America, the photos of this Ultegra clad beauty were sent to us by way of Scapin’s US and Canadian distributor, Stage Race. Having just landed on this side of the Atlantic, the frames and complete bikes are now shipping in all sizes through Stage Race or dealers such as  The Colorado Cyclist.



Sold in traditional road or even a flat bar road build, Scapin’s focus for the Anouk was to create a bike that was light weight but didn’t sacrifice the ride quality of the Ivor. Listed with 27mm tire clearance and stable handling the bike should be a great choice for the every day rider who may race one weekend and ride a Fondo the next. According to Stage Race, the weight for an X-Small frame has been verified at 950g

Scapin anouk build options stage race


If you want build options, you got ’em with the Anouk. In addition to the frameset option at $2,199, there are 12 drop bar builds along with a few flat bar builds. Starting at $2,849 for a Campagnolo Veloce mix, the builds top out with full Dura Ace Di2 at $8,699. Numerous wheel upgrades are also available.


scapin anouk geometry

Offered in five sizes from XS to XL, the Anouk has a geometry similar to the Ivor but with slightly longer chainstays, a longer front center, and less bottom bracket drop.


  1. The “S” extends and its the top of the “C” as well, they are always thinking of things like this before anyone makes any moves and names anything, i’m sure there will be a lawsuit regardless but i am betting their trademark lawyers are all over it checking. i used to do this stuff, we’d have meetings and buyers and everyone would have input of all different things like this before it goes to production. If by chance they are just very unfortunate to have overlooked it then they are in for a world of pain. Off/On topic, i ride this frame, been on it over a year but from the factory direct. Its super light and very plush because its super thin flat sea stays, its stiff where you want it to be and handles great. cant complain other than it not being an “aero road frame”.

  2. A no-name frame? You mean from an Italian company that has been making bikes since the 50s, and whose parent company is Olympia….the guys who have been making bikes since the 1890s.

    Remove the Trek and Specialized blinkers and it’s amazing what’s out there.

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