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The rebirth of Fat Chance Bicycles caught the attention of a lot of OG riders after it was announced just before Interbike last year. One of the big names of early mountain biking, Chris Chance and his team developed a legion of dedicated followers and a number of vintage bikes that still go for big bucks if you can find one used.

We haven’t heard much from Fat Chance in the way of product since first teasing the reincarnation of the company, but with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign we’re getting close. Starting with the Yo Eddy Team frame, the first batch of frames will only be available through Kickstarter. Details on pricing, frame specs, and more, next…

All videos and photos c. Fat Chance

As is often the case, the Kickstarter campaign will serve as the financial jump start Fat Chance needs to get rolling. Illustrated by the blanks above, the frame will have a tapered headtube, dropper post compatible seat tube and disc brake mounts, but the fixtures and tooling to create those and ultimately the final aesthetic of the frame still need to be finalized.

What we do know about the frame is that it will be sold with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels and 12×142 rear spacing, trail oriented geometry, and will be built to Fat Chance standards with custom drawn steel tubing.

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fatchance-sticker-pack-330x330Frames start at $2,500 for the Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance 2015 production model, though that price also includes an invite to the Fat Chance relaunch party plus a commemorative  jersey, two t-shirts, and a sticker pack. Only 150 of the production frames will be offered for 2015 with all of them sold through Kickstarter.

Additionally, there will also be a limited run of 100 “I’m Back” Signature Edition Yo Eddy frames which will feature a custom head badge, paint, and decals plus a signature of the man himself. The “I’m Back” edition will sell for a hefty $5,000 a piece, but will include all the bonus items of the standard frame, plus a “Fat Family” membership which will offer special perks in the future along with a special Fat Family member only jersey. Want even more exclusivity? The first 10 9 serial numbers of the Signature Edition are available for $1,000 more ($6,000) which also means an earlier delivery.

All Fat Chance frames will be hand made in the USA, with estimated delivery by August or September, 2015.





  1. Gotta say…I’m interested but not for $2500 for a steel frams and some shirts. Would be more tempted if it was about $1000 less. Would like a modern take on a Shock-a-Billy though.

  2. ..
    I gotta agree with the previous post: I would have been tempted to get a yo eddy if the bike was $1000 less… and if some statements about the geometry was made..

    Still I wish Chris Chance the best of luck and I am looking forward to see the first bikes.

  3. I for one registered interest and was ready to hand over the cash until I received the email this morning.

    I was hoping for a 44mm headtube to use a Chris King headset rather than an integrated tapered headtube, and I am no longer 12 years old so I don’t need a pack of stickers. $2,000 for a frame only would have been expensive enough, but I think they have overestimated the brand equity at $2,500. As for $5,000 for basically a few cosmetic details? C’mon!!!!!!!

    Other than a downtube sticker and Chris Chance being in charge there is nothing of the old brand credentials in place, and as yet I don’t even know what colour it will be.

    My money will now go on a Cielo, or Indy Fab.

    Sorry Chris. Wish you all the best, but I think you might have priced a few buyers out here.

  4. I agree with the above post, I too saw this and was ready to go over to kickstarter until I saw the $2500 price. I didn’t think it would be cheap, was thinking $15-1700 but maybe I just don’t how much these things cost.

  5. I really wish Chris all the best, and I can’t wait to see what the bike is like, but I also wish there was a geometry chart or something. Would really love to see the brand return though.

  6. I think you all are missing the point, you are paying for the Brand and the chance to have something only 150 other people will be able to have . It’s not just some generic chinese steel frame , the generics and other 700.00 or so cheap steel frames can’t compete with this masterpiece with it’s updated dropouts ,amazing TAPERED head tube , DROPPER post compatibility and not to mention the DISC Brake MOUNTS ,WOW!! Do you guys have any idea how good this thing will ride and just think of the cool points you’ll get in the parking lots you pose in.

  7. This Kick starter may not be for everyone or the average rider, I understand that, but other passionate riders commenting here are bent out of shape over price, OR what comes with or without the frame, OR better yet claiming it is just cosmetic smoke and mirrors, and threats of buying another specific brand…hahahahahahhh!

    Appears like a serious “swing for the fences” approach from Chris Chance to bring the brand back to life. Yo Fat Chance- ignore the complaints and “C’mons”, as they are not the ones you need as customers. Cheers and best wishes to you in the new year.

  8. No, I was genuinely holding out for the new Fat Chance. They absolutely do need customers like me. I don’t want a dropper post on my hardtail (and it hints at the potential geometry and intended use).

    I am old enough to go misty eyed over an original Yo Eddy, but not gullible enough to pay $2,500 for an untested new bike.

    Nobody is comparing this to a $700 far east frame. It is over priced even vs tried and tested US made boutique brand steel frames.

    I don’t fall for stickers and a jersey. Just produce an amazing frame at a high end but not ridiculous price.

    The whole kickstarter thing means that as yet they aren’t anywhere near being ready to produce. The price of entry combined with the unclear wait time, geometry, colour and ride quality make it just too big a shot in the dark.

  9. Was registered, and really thinking about one also. But not at $2500. I figured a premium and around $1500. But $2500 too steep for me, particularly for vaporware. Would like to see geometry, what tubing will be used, who will be welding it, paint schemes, etc before thinking about kicking out even $1500-1700 let alone $2500.00

    I do wish Chris nothing but the best, and just hope pricing comes down and more details are revealed soon.

  10. I’ve not had a look at the Kickstarter page, but is the high price not to do with helping get production going again? The people buying this first batch will effectively be helping bankroll the company’s rebirth.
    Worth a thought. I imagine there will be enough buyers, to be honest. It’s a sport filled with older, richer riders these days.

  11. Dudes:

    “The offers I have received from investors to bring Fat Chance bikes back to market quick and cheap are of no interest to me. That’s not what I’m here to do. My goal is to continue making great bikes and to find new ways we can enhance the experience of riding them.

    I am turning to you, the riders who love and appreciate Fat Chance Bicycles, to “crowd fund” this project and help me begin making frames again.”

    The point of the price point and the Kickstarter initiative is to bring the brand back to life without the compromises wrought by “investors”. I suspect things will change as the bikes move into production mode, but there seems little point to be so f*cking critical at this stage… especially if you aren’t going to bother with learning the details.

  12. @kaliyauga – I dont think that anyone would dispute this point. The problem is that you cant have all the benefits without the costs. Based on your quote, Chance doesn’t want investors because they demand results and need money back. It costs money to have investors. So he went to kickstarter to get his free investors and he is having a difficult time (from the sounds of these comments) finding people willing to line up and pay extra for no return except them know that they helped the guy out. Thats awesome and all but who really lines up to pay double what this frame should cost so they can have that feeling.

    I certainly will not be lining up at the door.

  13. I hate to say it, but I hope this fails. This is just a marketing thing, there is no substance here at all. Where is the geometry chart? I would never buy a frame without seeing that chart. People have an emotional attachment to brand names and maybe Chris Chance is a nice guy, but what about the actual bike?

  14. I’ve paid that and a little more for custom TI frames where custom steel runs for $1300-$1800. Too much sorry won’t be lining up either.

  15. James S: why on earth do you hope this to fail?
    If you don’t want in, don’t buy anything. You state you’d never buy a bike without seeing a chart. Well, I bet people who believe in Chris and the thousands of mountain, cross, and road bikes he’s been involved with, would. Chris Chance = no substance? What have YOU built?

  16. As an MTB rider from the very early 80’s (I guess that makes me an OG now) I remember very well the whole period when there were Fat Chance bikes available and they reasonable easy to obtain.I saw a few pass through my hands in the shop.
    They were just a nice steel bike. No big deal.
    If you want a trick steel rigid frame there are a myriad of builders. 30 years later that name on the DT is just not gonna get you the trail cred I think is the point of the KS campaign.

    Get a Steve Potts or Rex or FTW or a dozen others from NAHBS. They are awesome. This just seems ……..desperate.

  17. First off, I am a lifelong fan of Fat City, having owned everything from an early Kicker, Wicked, Wicked Lite and every version of Yo Eddy to support my favorite MTB brand.
    What I’m not up for, is a watered down Yo and funding it’s return. If this is to be a true successful return, give us a real Yo (non-trail relaxed version) and create a solid business plan without using your customers to fund this (think Ibis). The demand is there, the Capitol is out there (somewhere), use the facts/history and real business approach to give Fat City true credibility. I do want this to succeed and prosper.
    Oh yeah, and make pricing exclusive, but not ridiculous! Sell the accessories separate please!
    Just my 2 cents, Mr Chance.

  18. Long time Fat City fan and will buy one in the future. Pricing is a relative thing I bought a Fat Chance which was there entry level frame in 1991 for $400.00 and there were a number of levels up to the Yo Eddy I forget it’s price but think it was over a grand back then. Granted it will not be built in Somerville MA. but it will still be made in USA.
    My Fat Chance has many thousands of miles on it and still going strong only thing i have replaced besides tires & brake pads have been bottom bracket bearings.
    If Chris can keep the build quality equal to the Somerville built frames the price is not out of line.

  19. I threw down $50 for some stickers and a t-shirt. I with I had $5k for a limited frame but I don’t. I hate everyone here B!tch^ that $2500 is too much for a frame but they obviously know who Chris Chance is and clicked on the link after he was out of the industry for 20 years. (deleted)

    Chris, Welcome back! You’ve been missed. I drooled over your bikes in the 90s and then they were gone. I will own one, soon!

  20. I have a 1994 Yo Eddy with Manitou 4 fork that until about three weeks ago was my only mountain bike for the past 20 years. I recently bought a Santa Cruz Tallboy. I am glad I still have my Yo Eddy. I will ride it time to time. I will take it out for the novelty and nostalgia and as a tribute to a great period in New England manufacturing. But my Tallboy is now my go-to bike. It’s like owning a Morgan. Fun to drive now and then but wouldn’t want to use it as my daily driver.

    As much as I love Fat Chance, I can’t see spending that kind of money for a rigid steel frame that is a watered down Yo Eddy. Glad I got mine when I did and have held on to it all these years.

  21. Heh, heh. My Intense 5.5 got stolen, so I’m riding my 87 Fatty right now: stock and rigid. My other 87 Fatty frame is in the attic, 531 box crown fork and fresh sapphire fade, ready to rebuild. I forgot how poorly that original Fat cornered: brutal under-steer! It regularly tries to spit me off. (Haha, Chris better fix that!) Why buy a new one when you have an original!

  22. I think people forget why Fat Chance and Chris Chance are so infamous. It is because of his quality of work, and his amazing frames from the 90’s. He was a true innovator; however, making a hand crafted steel rigid 29er or even 27.5 is not innovation. You have really really good custom manufactures doing this at much more obtainable price points. You have those who have been making frames for the last 10 years not 20 years ago.

    I am sorry, but the brand that holds an extremely special place in my heart died in the 90’s, and some kickstarter campaign is not going to bring it back, it is especially not going to take it to new heights. The great Fat Chance brand that brought MTB’ing to the east coast has to resort to the use of kickstarter. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Steel is real so real that everyone is doing it and the only thing different about this frames then the countless others his the paint scheme and yo eddy graphics.

  23. Judging from the less than enthusiastic comments on this string, my intentions are not fully understood.

    I have not manufactured frames in nearly 15 years, so Fat Chance Bicycles is currently in “start up” mode. I am not selling frames through Kickstarter. I am asking for help from the people who love the bikes to help me bring the company back to life. I am using the funds generated from KickStarter as seed capital to resurrect the company.

    I understand if this does not resonate with everyone, but I sincerely appreciate the support from those of you who care and have contributed so far.

    We will be offering frames for sale at “regular prices” once we fulfill our commitment to the people who stepped up to help me get this company up and running again. I can not express how much their support means to me.

    Regarding the geometry, it is available on the website http://www.fatchancebicycles.com/sizing-charts.

    Looking forward to the future,

  24. Hi Chris,
    I love how my Yo Eddy with a one inch steerer rides and handles. We were fine without suspension. We just shifted our weight forward and back and let the bike roll over stuff even the big stuff in the fells. I hope you make a version for people who enjoyed riding like that.

  25. I’ve just read this thread with great interest and felt compelled to contribute.

    I’m an aging, grey-haired, slightly balding cyclist based in the UK who can still remember the first day that I clapped eyes on a Yo-eddy and that ‘must-have’ feeling. Twenty eight years later and two Yo-eddy’s have passed through my hands and one Ti-Fat (sadly I no longer have any of them). I yearn for another however, I want to re-capture that feeling of my younger years, I want to hit the trails again, I want a bike that screams ‘ride me’, every time I look at it.
    I’m now in a position in which I can afford a new Yo-eddy, I’m loyal to Chris and the Fat Chance brand, however I have a dilemma – I.F or Fat Chance? After much research I’m coming to the conclusion that I.F is closer and more true to the original Fat Chance ethos. I still have the brown paper cards from my previous Fats, how many signatures would match the new card that comes with an I.F frame?

    I’d dearly love a new Yo-eddy from Fat Chance but I don’t want to spend hard-earned money on a frame that’s been sub-contracted to another manufacturer. In my opinion ‘Fat Chance’ will once again be Fat Chance, when Chris is employing a whole bunch of talented, like-minded individuals. Design, manufacturing through to painting and dispatch, everything needs to be done under one roof by one collective.

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